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The coach gave recommendations on how to resume running after the end of winter

Coach of the Running Community Pavel Kondrashev told RT how to return to running training after a long break.

“A break from sports can happen to anyone. This could be due to injury, change of residence, work schedule, or sporting interests. Many runners prefer to run only in the warm season, when the weather and dry asphalt are conducive to a comfortable run, ”the trainer said.

The specialist emphasized that it is necessary to get out of the “hibernation” slowly, smoothly and consciously. It is necessary to visit a doctor and in no case be in a hurry to start running long distances.

“Enjoy the process to avoid injury and burnout. If the weather is not yet conducive to jogging, workouts at home are an excellent alternative. This can be both elementary GPP, and exercise on simulators (for example, a bicycle), exercises on jumping ropes, etc. Simple but effective exercises will tone your muscles, ”added Kondrashev.

He also noted the need to dress for the weather if training is still taking place outside, and added that when choosing equipment for jogging, it is best to be guided by the rule: “Dress as if it is ten degrees warmer outside.”

“Start with an easy jog (about 1 km) and do a good stretch and physical training at home. Gradually increase the volume of runs, increasing the mileage (for example, you can alternate running with a step or make a split run – we run 1 km, rest for five minutes, stretch, then we run another 1 km), ”the expert emphasized.

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In addition, it is important to pay special attention to the diet, include more greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet, exclude fried foods, fast food, and alcohol.

Earlier, the coach told how to do jogging in the offseason.

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