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The closure of the Suez Canal has already trapped more than 300 ships as the complicated tasks to refloat the Ever Given continue


The authorities are already preparing for a new attempt to unblock the Canal after the failed attempt on Friday

The Ever Given freighter, trapped in the Suez Canal.MAXAR TECHNOLOGIESREUTERS
  • Blocking The ‘sine die’ closure of the Suez Canal, “a serious obstacle to world trade”
  • Solutions Suez Canal: excavate more than 15,000 m3 of sand or massive discharge from Ever Given

No date for the refloat of Ever Given and without certainties yet of the causes that caused the ship, a mass of 220,000 tons, to be crossed on Tuesday in the Suez Canal, blocking a seaway through which 10 percent of global trade crosses. This has been recognized this Saturday by the Suez Canal Authority.

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At a press conference in Suez, the head of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, has refused provide a calendar for the resolution of the crisis caused by Ever Given, which has crossed the Canal for five days in the vicinity of the city of Suez.

Rabie, however, maintains the hope that the sand dredging operation can refloat the ship without having to remove part of the cargo from the ship, one of the options raised by the rescue team.

In fact, the authorities are already preparing for a new attempt to unblock the Canal after the failed attempt on friday. On the causes that caused his grounding on Tuesday, Rabie has indicated that the sandstorm is not “the only reason” without providing more details or specifying whether it was a human error or a technical failure.

An investigation is still trying to shed light on the disaster that threatens global trade and the Egyptian economy. The closure of the road has already 321 ships trapped or waiting to access the waterway. For his part, Peter Berdowski, CEO of Boskalis, the Dutch company hired by Egypt to join in the rescue tasks, said on Friday that the Ever Given could be re-floated in a matter of days “using a combination of heavy tugs, dredging and the high tides “that are expected this Sunday.

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If it does not work, the company – which relies on two tugboats to join the task this weekend – proposes to remove hundreds of containers from the ship to lighten their weight and thus straighten their course. “The front of the ship is stuck in a loamy sand but the rear is not completely sunken. It is positive because you can use the rear to free the ship “, declared Berdowski in a display of positivism that contrasts with the restraint of the Egyptian authorities.

Extraordinary incident

In the first public statements since Tuesday, the Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbuly Call the grounding “an extraordinary incident.” The Arab country has lost 15 million dollars a day since the beginning of the week due to the closure of the Canal, its main source of income in a situation marked by the spread of Covid-19 and the decline in tourism.

The closure, which particularly hurts the transport of goods and oil from the Middle East to Europe and Asia, has sparked signs of international solidarity. The United States on Friday offered help to Egypt to reopen the Canal. “We have the equipment and capabilities that most countries do not have and we are looking at what we can do and what help we can provide,” the US president said Friday. Joe Biden.

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