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The classic competition is canceled – for the second year in a row

The competition would actually have taken place May 1-2 in Valdemarsvik, but due to the corona pandemic it was not possible.

The first idea was to try to carry out the orienteering race this autumn instead – but it is not possible either. The tight competition schedule means that there is no place for Tiomila.

– We have not found an organizer, place or time where we can carry out a Tiomila this autumn where the Nordic elite has the opportunity to participate, says the Tiomila Association’s chairman Christer Nordström to Orienteringsmagasinet.

Now they can instead invest in next year.

– It feels very bitter to have to cancel. We do not want Tiomila to fall into oblivion. It takes a lot of work for us to now tighten the bow and get people to come to next year’s Tiomila in Örebro, says Christer Nordström.

Last year, Tiomila was postponed twice before it was finally stopped completely.

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ARCHIVE: Swedish orienteering will be equal (December 18, 2020)

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Swedish orientation must be equal: “The framework must be equal”

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