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the Civil Code being revised in favor of women’s rights

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                In Gabon, equality between men and women is about to take a new step.  On Tuesday March 23, the government adopted a bill amending the Civil Code.  This amendment aims to promote gender equality.  If the project adopted by the government is approved by both chambers of parliament, Gabonese women will gain in autonomy and also in responsibilities.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Libreville, </em><strong>Yves-Laurent Goma</strong>

The bill adopted by the Gabonese government on Tuesday allows for more equality between men and women, unlike the current Civil Code. In a couple, the husband will have to share the role of head of the family. And the spouses will be able to choose the family residence together.

Regarding divorce, from now on, the faults committed by the man can also justify the separation. This is the case, for example, with adultery. Currently, divorce is only granted when the adultery has been committed by the woman. The new text also introduces the concept of divorce by mutual consent. And the woman is no longer obliged, in the event of a trip with her children, to ask her husband for an authorization.

The husband still earns a few stripes. In the event of the death of his wife, his share of the inheritance returns to him directly. Men who are beaten by their wives can also get a divorce.

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To be applicable, the new Civil Code must first be adopted by the National Assembly and the Senate, where the ruling party holds the absolute majority.

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