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the Citizen Council wants a “positive” communication for vaccination

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                At the request of the Prime Minister, 35 citizens were drawn in December to constitute a Citizen's Council on Covid-19 vaccination, under the aegis of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council.  They deliver their first results after a public consultation on a communication to increase adherence to vaccination and what mechanisms to put in place to facilitate access.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><span>The work of <strong>Citizen Council</strong> resulted in around 40 recommendations, half of which concern communication. </span></span></span></span></span>

« We want positive and appropriate communication for each category of the population, introduces Henri, one of the council’s citizens. For older people, this is already on the way with television spots on older people. But also the youngest, as well as people reluctant or cautious about vaccination and we must also take into account the precarious or remote public : migrants, homeless people or people isolated in the countryside. »

Citizens also insist on the need to facilitate access to the vaccination going towards the public. For example, by drawing on associations in the field or existing mobile units. This is like the trucks for donating blood. They also recommend that the territories become places of decision-making and cooperation.

Citizens also underline a third point : « We would like to see research on treatments, continues Henri, who is the collective’s spokesperson. We have the feeling that all the information circulating is very focused on vaccination efforts, while the issue of treatment seems to us just as crucial. »

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These first recommendations have already been given to Prof. Alain Fisher, the “ Mr. vaccine » of the government, which will come back to citizens on March 29, so that they can be finalized.

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