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The chairman of the board commissioned a giant renovation of his apartment without permission – expenses for the housing company’s spike – Taloussanomat

The district court ordered the ex-chairman, the property manager and the company he represented to reimburse the housing association for € 45,000 for the apartment renovation.

Savolainen the chairman of the board of the housing association was commissioning the renovation of his apartment for eur 55,853 without the approval of the general meeting.

The Pohjois-Savo District Court has ordered the chairman, the property manager and the real estate company he represents to pay EUR 45,000 in damages to the housing association for the renovation.

– However, the renovation of the apartment has been largely unjustified and the way it has been carried out has caused too many costs for the housing association, the court states.

In the apartment of the Chairman of the Board of the terraced house company in Rautalammi, a surface renovation of approximately EUR 25,000–30,000 had first been carried out. The renovation had not affected the structures of the apartment.

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Soon in the apartment indoor air problems were observed. The following year, renovations began in the apartment, which, with research costs, cost the housing association more than 50,000 euros. This time the structures of the apartment were also renovated.

After its commencement, the renovation was discussed at an extraordinary general meeting. No decision or cost estimate for the renovation can be found in the minutes of the meeting.

A little later, the renovation was announced at the second extraordinary general meeting. No decision or mention of costs was recorded in the minutes.

A couple of months later, the renovation was presented at the Annual General Meeting. According to the minutes, it was a question of so-called exploratory repair work, in which case the repair planning progresses as the structures are opened. According to the minutes, the costs were approved unanimously by the Annual General Meeting, although the amount of the costs is not indicated in the minutes.

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More than four months later, the government approved the collection of financial compensation from residents for a EUR 200,000 repair loan. The amount also included the renovation of the chairman’s apartment, and the chairman was in charge of the matter.

Decoration did not fix the indoor air problems in the apartment. Three years later, the apartment had to be renovated for about 2,500 euros.

The housing company took the matter to the Pohjois-Savo District Court for damages.

The woman, who served as chairman of the board during the renovation trains, told the court that her apartment had been taken as a so-called test apartment for repairs. The woman admitted that no minutes or other documents were made of the decision.

The property manager, like the ex-chairman, denied the demands of the housing association. According to the property manager, the various cups held their own meetings at the general meetings, and the interest of many present was elsewhere than in the matters under discussion.

The property manager described how the chairman of the meeting had to ask people to stay in their fields until things were completed and the general meeting was closed.

Northern Savonia the district court finds it clear that no decision was made at the general meeting on the commencement of the renovation of the chairman’s apartment or on taking the apartment as a test apartment.

– The members of the Board of Directors and the Property Manager have been authorized to keep minutes of Board meetings. (Chairman) has been prevented from dealing with the renovation of the condominium he owns and taking it as a test dwelling, right recall.

The district court has ordered the ex-chairman of the board, the property manager and the company he represents to jointly and severally compensate the housing association for EUR 45,000 for the apartment renovation.

One member of the Board of Directors must contribute EUR 4,500 in damages.

The court has also ordered the quartet to pay the housing association EUR 25,000 in legal costs.

The judgment of the district court is not final

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