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The car dealership brought Mersu from Italy, which turned out to be stolen – Cars

In Lahti, the Häme police investigated an aggravated money laundering related to a Mercedes Benz E 200D passenger car imported from Italy in the autumn of 2018.

The suspects were the purchasing manager of the car dealership that approved the deal and the buyer who bought the car from Italy and brought it to Finland.

The prosecutor of the Lahti unit of the Eastern Finland Prosecutor’s Office decided not to prosecute because there was no evidence of the suspected crime.

Prior to his decision, the prosecutor had become acquainted with a multi-generational series of events.

The purchaser had said that he had purchased the car from Milan for 30,000 euros from a private individual. He said in the preliminary investigation that he does about a thousand car sales a year. According to the buyer, the information about the cars is carefully checked in advance and it is clarified that there are no unpaid fines or other charges associated with the vehicles.

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From Mersu, the buyer received a deed of sale, extracts from the register and a service book. The seller’s information was also verified.

At the same time, the purchaser had also bought Audi and Alfa Romeo from the same Italian.

The car was brought to Finland before Christmas 2018. Pretty soon after the import, the car dealer received information that Mercedes Benz had been stolen. The car had been a rental car and would have been robbed with violence threatening its user.

Italian police searched the car and reported that the car’s location devices had located it in the Lahti region. The car was for sale for 42,800 euros. Häme police confiscated the car on the last day of the year 2018.

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The Italian seller of the car was heard as a witness by the local police. In the preliminary investigation, the seller said that he had never met a Finnish car buyer with whom he had made deals. He denied having even owned that Mercedes Benz.

However, a payment had been made to the Italian man’s account for the vehicle in question. In addition, the man’s account had received other payments related to car sales.

The prosecutor noted the reports of both the purchasing manager and the purchaser as parallel and stated that the purchase price of the car was not exceptionally low.

There was no evidence of a crime against either suspect.

The report of the Italian seller was not considered credible by the prosecutor. It remained unclear how the car had ended up in the man’s possession. According to the prosecutor, it is up to the Italian police to investigate the matter.

The prosecutor noted that the representatives of the car dealership had verified on the basis of the information and documents received that the car was not involved in criminal proceedings. The prosecutor ruled last month that there was no evidence of a crime against either suspect.

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At the same time, the prosecutor ordered the seizure of a car made more than two years ago to be dismantled.

The Päijät-Häme District Court will have to decide the final fate of the car. The vehicle is of interest to the car dealer as well as the Italian owner.

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