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The BMW Group will reward customers who do more kilometers in electric mode

The brand encourages the electrical use of its PHEVs

The system will reach Madrid and Barcelona by the end of the year, but it is already used in 80 European cities. It applies to both your brand and Mini’s ‘plug-in’ hybrids.

Image of how the points system works with the BMW app.

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    The change in the ecological labels of the DGT will not have retroactive effect

The BMW Group plans to install by the end of this year a device to implement a point system between its drivers. plug-in hybrid vehicles with which they will get savings when recharging their batteries. The system will be applied to both BMW and Mini brand users.

Points are achieved by driving in electric mode through low-emission urban areas thanks to an integrated system in the car that will have urban areas marked and be able to recognize them when accessed.

The technology has been developed from a points bonus pilot project that was implemented two years ago in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Drivers, after a few months ended up being more aware of the most efficient and sustainable propulsion mode.

The PHEV dilemma

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Environmentalists claim that hybrid cars plug-in they are a mockery of the emission reduction policy in cities. In Spain they enjoy an ‘open bar’ in restricted urban centers thanks to their CERO label given to them by the DGT, which plans to present its proposal to reform this system in July. But do they really use their electric motor exclusively or are they powered by the gasoline one?

It is assumed that a good part of these vehicles arrive in the city with the electrical autonomy exhausted or with a few hundred meters of autonomy on batteries. So, is it a matter of consciously ‘cheating’ or misusing the resources available in their modern vehicles?

Those who use their PHEV (mixed, combustion and electrical technology) car daily to enter the city, to the workplace, for example, must have a garage and a private pole to fill the battery in their hours of rest. But if this is not the case, it is frequent that reach the restricted area fuming from the exhaust pipe, without fear of being fined thanks to the ZERO sticker.

The PSA group, now merged with the FCA in the global brand Stellantis, implemented a simple system to identify what propulsion the car is moving with: a light signal at the rear of the interior mirror indicates that the electric motor is running.

The BMW 'plug-in' fleet.
The BMW ‘plug-in’ fleet.

Change behavior

Now, the BMW Group wants its cars to be the ones that convince drivers that it is better bring fully electric mode in the city, thanks to the method experimented in Rotterdam. The ‘BMW Points’ arrive (in November).

The first two cities to carry the technology in their BMWs will be Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the ones that accumulate the most electrified cars and will thus join others. 80 Europeans already using this device.

When used, this technology allows you to switch to electric driving the moment you the vehicle enters an area marked on the map as a central urban nucleus. For every kilometer driven in electric mode, the driver receives redemption points per kilowatt at the charging stations of the Bavarian brand, BMW Charging. Kilometers in low-emission zones give double bonus. At the moment, the low emission zones are being defined for plug-in hybrid cars with operating system 7.0, which will arrive from July.

“With this new service, the BMW Group once again demonstrates its commitment to the development of technological innovations aimed at a greater commitment to caring for the environment and quality of life in cities, regardless of the regulations of governments or administrations, and with the firm interest in improving sustainability in the field of individual mobility “, stated Manuel Terroba, executive president of the BMW Group in Spain and Portugal at the Forum ‘ The Mobility of the Future ‘organized this week by Anfac (National Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers).

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