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The blogger honestly spoke in favor of the silence of Botox treatments – the horrific images and videos immediately spread – Entertainment

The failed Botox treatment of the blog star serves as a warning example of the risks of beauty surgeries.

The failed Botox treatment by a U.S. blogger has ended up with many internationals online media until the news, when the blog star decided to tell about his terrible situation openly.

With a Chicago lifestyle blogger Whitney Buhalla used to take Botox twice a year on his face. After her last beauty treatment, she noticed that the second eyebrow didn’t look ordinary. It hung limp and did not show the curvature typical of an eyebrow.

Buha returned to the beauty salon to correct the mistake, and so it was. A couple of days later, however, he woke up in shock.

His other eyelid had turned into a hanging eyelid, or so-called ptosis, during the night.

As the days progressed, the situation only got worse all the time. The other eye began to bottle outward.

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Buha says Buzzfeedin in an interview, at this point he began to panic.

– I was afraid that a) this could be permanent, or b) this could really affect my vision in the long run, he says.

Initially working in marketing, Buha tried to cover her eyes with videos by keeping her hair on it. Then, however, he ended up mentioning that he was covering his eyes because of a problem caused by Botox. Followers asked oitis what exactly happened.

Buha decided to tell about his situation openly, even though it embarrassed him. Now his Instagram videos has been seen as a warning example in vast parts of the globe. People actively monitor eye healing.

Many have praised the blogger for not trying to cover up the problem. Various beauty procedures are quite common in the blog world, but few ever openly admit to having taken injections or other treatments. Not to mention the failed injection therapy.

– You have a good attitude towards the beauty industry. This makes me admire you more, one follower commented.

Buha has not previously suffered from hanging, as shown in the older image below.

Buha is now trying to remedy the situation by taking more Botox around his eyes on the advice of a health care representative – otherwise the situation would not be remedied quickly. Now the woman waits for the effects to begin to show and the eye to “heal” a little quietly.

A blogger doesn’t want to claim in the midst of an interest rate crisis that his situation would be particularly miserable, and he emphasizes that the past year has been difficult for everyone.

– This past year has been a crazy year for everyone, and it has not been a great year for anyone. This was a different kind of thing, and I just think okay, this is just one thing that happened to me and I can get on with it, Buha commented.

Used incorrectly, Botox is dangerous

Botulinum toxin, or more commonly known as Botox, has become a sharply injectable substance over the last decade that smoothes skin lines and wrinkles. Its visible effect lasts for about 3-6 months.

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, botulinum toxin is used to treat diseases. It can be used to treat, for example, gnashing of teeth, excessive sweating and muscle cramps.

Used incorrectly, Botox can even be life-threatening. For example Yle said in 2017 risks of popular Botox treatments.

– In incompetent hands, it has happened that the injection is better absorbed into the systemic body and causes paralysis in muscles that should not, Professor Markku School He told about the University of Turku in the story.

Unsuccessful beauty treatments have become more common in recent years. For example, in the popular Botched-true TV series tells the story of past beauty surgeries. In the series, two surgeries try to correct the results of poorly performed beauty surgeries.

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