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The best shellfish women to pay homage in Madrid

Holy Week arrives and Madrid is once again confined to the perimeter. Faced with the impossibility of going to Galicia, Andalusia, Levante or any other coastal community, Madrileans wanting to give themselves a seafood-based tribute these days have only two options: take a plane and travel to, say, Britain. French or book in some of the very good shellfish women that the Community of Madrid has (for that the capital is considered, gastronomically, the second port in the world, only behind Tokyo), some of which we present below. Not without first sending a message to sailors: the price of a seafood platter can be as expensive, or cheap, as everyone wants, it only depends on what is ordered, so we strongly recommend never losing sight of the column of the right on the chart …

Opened in 1975, The fisherman (Jos Ortega y Gasset, 75. Tlf .: 914 021 290) was born with the vocation to offer the excellent products of Pescaderas Coruesas, which guarantees the superior quality of the genre. In a restaurant renovated in 2010, the seafood comes from all parts of the Spanish geography: spider crab and shrimp from La Ra, lobster and lobster from Cantabria, crayfish from Marn, Galician barnacles, prawns from Sanlcar, clams from Carril, shrimp and prawns. white from Huelva, red shrimp from Denia … and, also, oysters. Everything is billed by weight. Before the pandemic, the bar was always crowded, and it will be again as soon as everything passes.

Also owned by the Garcia family, as well as The fisherman, O’Pazo (Reina Mercedes, 20. Tlf .: 915 532 333), founded in 1969 but which was not acquired by the group until 1981. The offer is practically the same as in the founding house, at slightly higher prices, because the premises are more luxurious. In both, if you don’t want seafood, you can always order the sole Evaristo, for two people, the best that can be had in the capital.


Not exactly a shellfish, but in a year and a half to live Estimate (Marqus de Cubas, 18. Tlf .: 914 292 052), the proposal of chef Rafa Zafra and the Gotanegra family, supplier of fish and seafood from Rosas, It has become a must in the city. Endorsed by its success in Barcelona, ​​the proposal of Estimate It has several sections: monumental grilled fish, Andalusian fritters and seafood, such as the memorable triloga of red prawns from Roses, with the queen of the Mediterranean in three textures and three temperatures: boiled and cold, steamed warm and hot. iron. In addition, crawfish in carpaccio, sautéed clams, pan-fried razor clams … and other options that change daily depending on the season and availability.

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Two steps from the Retreat, Rafa (Nrvaez, 68. Tlf .: 915 731 087) has been one of the neighborhood’s references for more than 60 years, both for aperitivear in a fantastic bar where the stars are the Russian salad and the lobster splash del Cantbrico as if to indulge in a seafood tribute with white prawns from Santa Pola, shrimp, spider crab, Garrucha red prawn, oysters or shrimp … or some other bug that is offered off the menu. Not forgetting his good hand for stews.

The Drifter.
The Trainera.

Another illustrious veteran, in this case from the Salamanca district, is The Trainera (Lagasca, 60. Tlf .: 915 768 035), opened in 1966 by Miguel Garca Gmez. With an unmistakably marine decoration, they are shipped by weight products from Galician markets, such as shrimp, barnacles, Carril clams, ncoras, spider crab, crab or crayfish. He has a ‘little brother’, The oars (A-6, km 12,700, exit 12. Phone: 913 077 230), born in 1980, where the seafood offer is somewhat more concise but, in return, has a wonderful glazed terrace.

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Also located on the Carretera de la Corua, Portonovo (Aguarn, 7, A-6, km 10,500) is another classic, which has been carrying out the motto of its founder, Pepe Limeres since 1968: “Cooking the sea“. Oysters, grilled zamburias, scallop au gratin with onion and acorn-fed ham, clams a la marinara, crab, spider crab, blue lobster soup rice … and, every Thursday, the hypercalrico and very comforting stew of Laln. Belonging to the same group, Ponteareas (Claudio Coello, 96. Tlf .: 915 755 873), in the Salamanca district, it is almost a replica of the mother house.

The Tel
El Telgrafo.

In full City, El Telegrafo (Padre Damin, 44. Tlf .: 913 597 083) is one of the flagships of the ever-thriving Grupo Oter, Decorado as if it were an old steamboat and with a delicious urban terrace, follows to the letter the maxim that Madrid proclaims as a port, with gender coming from the three seas (almost always with a surname in the form of their place of origin) that surround the peninsula. Flat oyster from Ra de Arosa, white shrimp from Huelva, red shrimp from Denia, O’Grove spider crab or Galician barnacle are some of the proposals on the menu.

Finally, two of those great bargains that Madrid always hides. In the center, The Sea Cone (Postigo de San Martín, 6. Tlf .: 915 240 841), without great decorative fuss, offers a seafood platter for two at 38 euros and for four at 68. Which may not be the best seafood in the world, but they are more than worthy and with an unbeatable value for money. And, in Strait, Naveira do Mar (Santa Juliana, 57. Tlf .: 914 594 532), opened in 1983 by Julio Bouza Mouro, who bets on seafood of remarkable quality, which varies almost daily, at affordable prices. And that, in addition, it has a justly celebrated hake.

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