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“The best companion” in the Arab Heritage House .. Book and Shadow Theater – Our Life – Culture

The Shadow Theater is one of the most prominent activities of the Arab Heritage House, during the Sharjah Heritage Days, during its 18th session, which will continue until April 10, in the heart of Sharjah.

The initiative seeks to contribute to the return of glory to the shadow theater, or imagination theater, as some prefer to call it, after its use witnessed a significant decline, due to the widespread use of modern technology and types of digital entertainment.

The management of the Arab Heritage House also opened its doors to reading enthusiasts, providing a wide range of books and creating the appropriate atmosphere for reading, to allow everyone to participate in the reading sessions organized by the house throughout the period of the Sharjah Heritage Days activities, with the aim of encouraging everyone to take the book «Good Babysitter ».

“This theater represents an opportunity to teach young people and children how to discover their creative and artistic abilities,” said Tunisian Najib Karroubi, who handles the performances of the shadow theater. “Therefore, I consider this art more like a mirror, as it enables us to discover our inner capabilities, and thus exploit them in a good way.”

He emphasized that through shadow theater, many shapes of animals and birds can be made, “there are many models and paintings that can be embodied in the shadow theater using the fingers, as well as the movement of the body that helps in making the desired shape in the text.”

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Kharroubi added: “The shadow theater would expand the horizons of the imagination of children in particular, and instill in their memory the shapes and stories that we present to them,” indicating that most of the texts presented during the event are improvised texts: “There are many stories in our Arabic library that can be Translated into shadow theater, in a way suitable for all ages ».

He pointed out that this type of theater carries a wide positive energy, and is characterized by being interactive, as children and the audience can be involved in the show, explaining that “shadow theater is based mainly on lighting that helps us create imagination, and it has a very high absorptive capacity.”

According to Kharoubi, shadow theater is basically a Chinese folk art that moved in the past from China and India to our Arab world, and became very famous in the Arab countries.

Family sessions

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During the Sharjah Heritage Days, the Arab Heritage House administration sought to organize and adapt the reading sessions according to the needs of the visitors of the “days”. Families can meet in the “I and my family read” corner dedicated to reading and circulating existing books. It also provides an opportunity for anyone to participate in the sessions. Readability.

Naguib Kharroubi:

“This theater represents an opportunity to teach young people how to discover their creative and artistic potential.”

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