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the beautiful story of Clover, the bitch who saved her mistress from unease


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France 3

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Direction Ottawa, Canada. Clover, a one-and-a-half-year-old bitch, stepped in the middle of a road while her mistress was uneasy, in order to attract the attention of drivers. A touching story reported by France 3, Friday March 26.

It’s a great story that took place in Canada. Clover, a shepherd from Maremma, has become a true heroine. The applicant was walking with her mistress when the latter felt unwell and collapsed in the middle of the road. A first car passed, without stopping. The bitch then managed to free herself from her leash to be able to obstruct circulation.

It was very impressive, the bitch blocked my way. She got in the way to stop my car. Then I got closer to the victim, tried to put her in a safe position and kept her head upright.“Says Dryden Oatway, a driver. Shortly after, help arrived and took care of Haley Moore. She was very moved by the behavior of her animal. The father of the young woman, Randall Moore thanked the bitch with two big steaks.

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