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The bankruptcy of Social Security: almost 30,000 million deficit and a rescue of 22,000 million more


The deficit of all the Administrations in 2020, including the expenses derived from the bad bank, shot up to 10.9%, which is the second highest figure in history

The Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Montero.Juan Carlos Hidalgo placeholder imageEFE
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The crisis derived from the coronavirus complicated, even more if possible, the delicate situation of Social Security to the point that this area of ​​the Administration registered figures that show its extremely complex situation: its deficit in 2020 toz 30,000 million, and if the figure was not even higher it is because the State injected an additional 20,000 million.

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Some data close to bankruptcy and that have been pointed out by the Minister of Finance, María Jess Montero, during the presentation of the Budget Execution of the Public Administrations relative to 2020. The Government spokesperson herself has pointed this out, when she pointed out that the deviation was 2.65% of GDP, which corresponds to 29,685 million, but without that rescue of 20,000 million by the State the figure will have exceeded 4.5%, that is, more than 50,000 million.

According to the criteria of

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