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the baguette, a source of pride throughout France


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France 3

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K. Adda-Rezig, B. Aparis, P. Le Mat, G. Sabin, G. Charron, Y. Kadouch

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France 3

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The French baguette is already world famous and it will compete to be inscribed in the intangible cultural heritage of theUnesco in 2022. In the meantime, it continues to delight the taste buds and make all French people proud.

Will the French baguette soon be recognized around the world? In any case, it intends to compete in 2022 with a view to being included in the intangible cultural heritage of Unesco. It must be said that this particularly popular food in France is the pride of bakers. “A beautiful baguette that makes you want, it must always crack“, estimates Taïeb Sahal, baker and elected Grand Prize for the best baguette in Paris in 2020.

Flour, yeast, water, a simple recipe but a craftsman has his personal touch. Everyone there “put all his heart“, Judge Jérémy Julien, also a baker. Customers, for their part, do not weary not the wand either. “Cocorico for the French baguette!“, launches an enthusiastic man.”Except in France, we never find good ones“, considers for her part a young girl. Finally, for a customer who has come to buy his bread, the baguette does well”part of French heritage“.

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