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The “Amateur” League requires television broadcasts, the “Farr” and international – sport – local referees

Athletes demanded the provision of live television coverage of the matches of the remaining four rounds in the First Division League for amateur clubs, which are crucial in determining the identity of the two ascending teams to the Arabian Gulf League. In an interview with Emirates Today, they said that for more impartiality, and given that the remaining matches are very important for the conflicting clubs to go up, on which the success of an entire season will depend, there is a strong need for joint cooperation between TV channels, the Football Association and club administrations to make the four rounds successful, These include: televising crucial matches, applying video (mouse) technology, and providing experienced international stadium judges to manage the most sensitive matches.

Al-Orouba team tops the first division with 34 points, which is the same Al-Bataih balance, which is behind it by a difference in direct confrontations, while the Emirates team comes in third place with 33 points, which are the teams that have the strongest chances to rise to the Al-Adwaa League, while Dibba Fujairah (25 points) In a very difficult situation, and his calculations are very complicated, as it depends on the results of others.

The next rounds will witness strong and influential matches, which need to reach safety without influential arbitration errors, given the importance of their points, which requires the presence of video technology (mouse) to decide in cases that can preserve the rights of the competing clubs.

The former Secretary-General of Ras Al Khaimah Club, Hassan Abdullah Al-Mansoori, said: TV broadcasting of the remaining matches will be very important, especially as the tournament enters its final decisive stages, so that the audience knows the levels of the teams that will rise to the limelight, and to encourage the competing teams to present the best levels.

He added: Video technology must be used to help stadium judges to produce the best arbitration outcome in matches, with the importance of assigning the best refereeing teams to the matches of teams that have the potential to rise. And he continued: The upcoming matches are a translation of the harvest of a whole season, and the influential meetings are not many, especially since the conflict is confined to the clubs of Arabism, Al-Bataih and the Emirates.

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For his part, the manager of the 21-year-old team of Fujairah Club, Khalifa Al-Mismari, said: The remaining rounds need exceptional support, which may be the reason for the success of an entire season, including television broadcasting, the appointment of international stadium judges, the provision of (mouse) technology, and all things that strengthen the league’s competitions. The first is to apply the principle of equality among all teams, so that the efforts of the teams are not wasted throughout the season, and that television broadcasting will provide new opportunities to watch matches.

In turn, the former administrator of the first team at Ras Al Khaimah club, Mohammed bin Hammadi, said: It is clear that the tournament is in its strongest stages, and competition intensifies from round to round, and for more impartiality, the matches must be televised, and also the application of (mouse) technology, because any error in Arbitration decisions may waste the efforts of any team, and from my point of view not only for the required arbitration impartiality, but the public has the right to follow these matches.

He continued: With the approaching conclusion of the tournament, it became necessary to transmit all the matches that affect the determination of boarding passes, as the public needs to know the teams that compete to climb, and to highlight the potential of the players, especially since the television broadcast motivates them to offer distinguished levels, which draws the attention of the professional teams.

He added: With regard to the application of video technology, it will certainly contribute to giving everyone his right, and also the matches must be assigned to experienced international referees to lead the games, because of the positive effects of this in the arrival of the tournament to safety.

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The remaining strongest matches

Al Orouba – Masafi (Round 19).

UAE – Dibba Al-Hisn (Round 19).

Al-Bataih – Dibba Al-Fujairah (Round 20).

Masfout – Al Orouba (Round 20).

Al Taawon – UAE (Round 20).

Al Orouba – Dhaid (Round 21).

Al-Arabi – Al-Bataih (Round 21)

Masfoot – UAE (the last round).

Al-Orouba – Al-Bataih (the last round).


Teams are fighting hard to climb, four rounds before the end of the competition, which are: Al-Orouba leaders (34 points), Al-Bataih, the runner-up, with a difference in confrontations (34 points), and the third Emirates team with 33 points.

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