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the African forest elephant classified as “critically endangered”

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                The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) publishes Thursday, March 25 its new red list of endangered animals.  It has 37,480 endangered species against 35,765 in December 2020. And African forest elephants now fall into the category "<em> critically endangered </em>"And"<em> in danger </em>»For savannah elephants.  Forest elephants today occupy only a quarter of their original territory.

                                    <p>It is smaller than its savannah cousin, the forest elephant also has shorter, straighter tusks.  What the two species have in common is that their populations have dropped dramatically.  86% fewer individuals for the African forest elephant in thirty years.  The population of savannah elephants has plunged by more than half over the past 50 years.  A decline that should sound the alarm according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.</p><h2>Poaching and habitat destruction</h2><p>The drop in the number of specimens for both species is known.  It can be explained until 2011 by intensive poaching to fuel the illegal ivory trade.  And although the phenomenon is today <strong>much more controlled</strong>, it continues to threaten elephants.

But for the NGO, the most worrying is the destruction of the habitat of pachyderms in order to increase the surface of agricultural land or logging. A positive point all the same in this blackboard and which says a lot. The fall in human activity with the Covid-19 pandemic, however, allowed these animals to “recolonize” certain areas from which human activity had driven them.

The main threat is the rampant poaching of these animals for their ivory.

Florian Kirchner from IUCN France on the African forest elephant

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