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The 90’s pop star returned to the limelight almost unrecognizable – the singer’s violent downward spiral raises deep concern – Entertainment

Brian Harvey’s career, familiar from East 17, went into a downward spiral in the late ’90s because of substance abuse problems.

Vocalist Brian Harvey commemorated by the British boy band East 17, which raged young people in the 90s. During their peak years, the band made hits one after another, still playing on the radio. The most famous songs of the band East 17 include House of Love, Deep and Stay Another Day.

Harvey, 46, has kept a low profile in public in recent years, but the singer unexpectedly returned to the limelight in his home country of Britain on Friday as British newspapers reported on a star arrested by police.

Daily Mail says Harvey, for some reason, even recorded his arrest on his phone and posted a video on social media. The video, filmed by Harvey, shows how the six cops who knocked on his door announce that the singer must leave for Leyton police station for questioning.

– They’re here again, Harvey tells the camera in a video posted on YouTube.

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– Are you going to kill me? Harvey is now asking police for a video that has already been removed.

According to British newspapers, Harvey is suspected of sending threatening messages. The star’s ex-girlfriend actress Dannielle Westbrook said he had previously applied for a restraining order to his ex-spouse. Westbrook has not told the public whether he has applied for a restraining order for Brian Harvey.

Brian Harvey’s career took off in a sharp downward spiral in 1997 when he was fired from East 17 for drugs. It all started when Harvey spoke openly about his drug use in an interview with a British newspaper and announced that he had no intention of quitting. The pop star said he was snapping ecstasy and bragging about how he could jump at the wheel of the car intoxicated.

East 17 singers Brian Harvey (left), Terry Coldwell and John Hendy.­

Shortly after the heated interview, the other members of the band Tony Mortimer, Terry Coldwell and John Hendy stated that they did not approve of drug use. So Harvey got the starting passes from the band. The incident was a huge scandal in Britain and several radio stations put East 17 songs on.

Live on social benefits

After the kicks, Harvey tried a solo career that didn’t take the wind down. The singer has also openly talked about her mental health problems. In 2005, he was hospitalized for suicide. That same year, he was seriously injured in a strange accident.

The star manager said at the time BBCthat the singer had been on his way to the recording studio when, for some reason, he had fallen from a moving car and been left under his own car.

Brian Harvey has enjoyed headlines in recent years because of his arrests.­

Harvey has said in interviews that there are no pennies left in the 90s. The singer has sharply criticized, in particular, the fact that he does not receive any royalties from the East 17 band Stay Another Day mega-hit, which plays on the UK radio on Christmas almost non-stop.

– We have sold 18 million records. It’s frustrating that I have to listen to my own song every Christmas and I don’t even have money for Christmas food, Harvey said LBCradio interview and said he lives on social benefits.

Watch the music video for Stay Another Day by East 17 below:

Mirror leaf says that the fading of his music career has been a tough piece for the singer and the star ‘s somevideos have caused deep concern among fans. The singer has previously released videos in which she destroys the awards she received for the band East 17 and smells for record companies.

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