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Home Breaking News The 20-mile race in Jokkmokk is underway: "Will go record fast"
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The 20-mile race in Jokkmokk is underway: “Will go record fast”

The organizers predict that the old record of 11 hours 47 minutes will be broken.

-It is hard in the tracks and will go record fast, says competition general Wolfgang Mehl.

Changes after increased infection in Jokkmokk

It is the cold that has made the tracks icy, which increases the speed for the riders. At the same time, not as many people participate in the race this year due to the increased spread of infection in Jokkmokk in recent weeks, which forced the organizers to limit the number of participants by only allowing elite skiers to participate.

– We have strict restrictions, for example, the riders had to wear mouth guards until there was one minute left to start, says Wolfgang Mehl.

The favorites

According to the organizers, the big favorites in the race are Klas Nilsson from Västerbotten, the Norwegian Daniel Strand, the Finn Christoffer Lindvall and the Frenchman Antoine Auger were initially a bit down in the cluster. But when the uphill slopes started after seven miles of riding, they are far ahead in the dense cluster.

– Of the people from Norrbotten, Daniel Karlström, Jokkmokk, is the best and is among the top 32, says Göran Hedemalm one of the organizers.

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Late this afternoon, the winner will return to Jokkmokk after 220 kilometers of skiing. The last riders are expected to finish first at night between Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet

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