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Terror led by Eritrean soldiers in Ethiopia

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                Four months after the start of hostilities, fighting continues in the Tigrayian countryside between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray People's Liberation Front.  Another actor in the conflict, the Eritrean army, is sowing terror among the populations.  After months of denial, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has just acknowledged (yesterday answering questions from parliamentarians on the situation in the country) the presence of Eritrean soldiers in Tigray.  The latter supported the Ethiopian soldiers in their offensive, enough to anger the inhabitants of the region.

                                    <p><em>From our correspondent in Mekele,</em>

In the corridors of Mekele hospital, dozens of children arrived with serious injuries, from gunshots or explosions. After an attack in northern Tigray, Emebet was able to save a three-year-old girl with a bloody face. She accuses Eritrean soldiers of attacking her village on a market day. ” After sending in heavy artillery, many soldiers arrived, tells us Emebet. They killed everyone indiscriminately, no matter their age. I took the baby and ran away. She’s just a baby, I don’t know what her future will be, she could be a political leader or a soldier. After saving her, I will receive thank you from heaven. »

Charges against the Eritrean army have increased in Tigray. According to Mulu Nega, interim president of the province, it was the aggression of the TPLF (Front for the Liberation of the People of Tigray) that weakened the borders. ” The Northern Division was attacked, it was protecting the populations and the borders, so without this force anything can happen. He says.

If the Eritrean intervention was a strong support for the Ethiopian government to regain control of the province, it is seen as a betrayal by the Tigrayans of Mekele. Many massacres are blamed on Eritrean soldiers, such as in the town of Aksum, where Amnesty International reveals that hundreds of men were murdered. In the village of Denglat, they reportedly opened fire on civilians during a religious celebration.

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Around the mass graves, the villagers mourn their loved ones. Gebresisay was able to escape but more than 150 people were killed. It testifies : ” I am really very sad. All these people … This man lost his sister. And another man lost his brother, others their parents. All of these people are in mourning. And not just them, all Tigrayans are in mourning. »

Looting is frequent – factories, hotels, but also medical centers. At Adigrat hospital, three hours north of Mekele, this doctor assures us that the Eritreans regularly come to steal equipment. ” They come every day, sometimes twice a day. They came yesterday, they stole a stretcher from the hospital. When they arrive, it is not only the patients who flee, the employees also flee. »

After months of months of denial, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed acknowledged the presence of the Eritrean army in Tigray. According to him, Asmara says he wants to protect himself from TPLF attacks and promises a withdrawal of troops if the Ethiopian soldiers return to the border.

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