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tens of thousands of demonstrators before the examination of the text in the Assembly

A few thousand people began to demonstrate Sunday in Paris for “a real climate law”, on the eve of the examination in the Assembly of the government project resulting from the Citizen’s Convention for the Climate (CCC), criticized for its ” lack of ambition “. More than 180 gatherings of the same type were planned across France as in Bordeaux or Toulouse in order to “revive the citizen dynamic”, according to Elodie Nace, from Alternatiba, one of the organizing movements. Dozens of NGOs, unions and parties have called for demonstrations, in particular to ask deputies to “improve” the government text.

A desire to influence the parliamentary debate

Jean-François Julliard, Director General of Greenpeace, present in the procession, explains that the objective of this mobilization “is to effectively influence the work of parliamentarians which will start tomorrow in plenary session in the National Assembly, and to try to make them understand that this is kind of the last chance to ensure that this text, this ‘climate and resilience’ bill is really up to the ambition that it displays “.

“This text is there to ensure that France finds the trajectory of the Paris agreement and moves towards a reduction of at least 40% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030”, recalled Jean François Julliard. “We have the feeling that the government hears this societal pressure around climate and environment issues. So it is obliged to move in this direction, but it stops before having taken the right measures”, estimates the director long.

Parliamentarians and members of the Citizens’ Convention in the procession

Several parliamentarians were also present at the start of the Parisian procession including the leader of rebellious France Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the president of Generation Ecology Delphine Batho, the former LREM deputy Cédric Villani. Behind a head banner “For a real climate law Stop blah blah” the demonstrators began to march chanting in particular: “so-so-solidarity, with the citizens, of the CCC!”.

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Many members of the Climate Convention, an unprecedented exercise in participatory democracy called by Emmanuel Macron, from which the government’s “climate and resilience” law has emerged, have also joined the movement. “There are no possible negotiations with the climate, it’s a race against time,” said director and environmental activist Cyril Dion, who was “guarantor” of the CCC before denouncing the translation of his proposals by the executive, which “absolutely does not allow France to keep its objectives” in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions “.

Numerous regional gatherings

The first gatherings also took place in the regions, such as in Saint-Etienne, where nearly 400 people marched behind a banner “Climate emergency, there is still time to act”. The government law is “so downward that it no longer makes sense,” said Bénédicte, a protester, for example. In Toulouse, they were 1,200 according to the prefecture, 2,500 according to the organizers, marching to the rhythm of fanfares with slogans like “the planet you want it blue or well cooked?”.

The turnout was about the same in Bordeaux. If the march is festive, the protesters denounce the “looting” of the proposals of the Citizens’ Convention. While the mayor of the city, Pierre Hurmic, denounces a “discount law”. In Lille, PS Mayor Martine Aubry, LFI MP Adrien Quatennens, EELV MEP and regional candidate Karima Delli or PCF national secretary Fabien Roussel were also present in a procession of about a thousand people.

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, for her part, defended the text once again on Sunday, assuring France Inter that it would remain as “one of the greatest laws of the five-year term”. “The change of dimension, we will see it in all moments of our life,” assured the minister. “I continue to fight for the most ambitious measures possible,” she continued, saying “hope” that parliamentarians could still vote certain “advances”. Asked about the demonstrations against her text, she considered that “the climate marches, it is very good that they exist”. “I am happy that this concern is still there.”

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