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Ten running for the summer? Grab an 8 week running program – also suitable for beginners – Good feeling

Believe it or not! Eight weeks is enough to build a running condition, even if you haven’t just worn sneakers before.

Spring is gaining momentum. Even if the sneaker is already burning, the running season should always start calmly, even if you are a more experienced jogger. Moderation is especially important if you are just at the beginning of your running hobby.

Now you can start running safely We Women at your own running school! By following the program below – and, of course, listening to your own body – you will be in such a condition that the ten-kilometer run is easy for the summer.

The most couch-ready can start building basic fitness with a 1st and 2nd week training program; if, on the other hand, you have already jogged somewhat and basic condition you think is at least ok, you can start directly from the third week.

An eight-week training program has been developed for Me Women Laura Enroth, a personal trainer and a running coach who also likes Running feet-blogia.

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The program includes a balance of both light basic workouts and tougher workouts, walking, running, muscle fitness and stretching – and most importantly, rest days.

Bookmark the program below and join the Club of Ten!

The story has been published earlier on Me Naisten’s website 03/2020.

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