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temperature records broken for the month of March

Temperatures, up to 11 degrees higher than the average in this season, were recorded in many regions, especially above the Loire.
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Temperature records for the month of March were recorded on Tuesday, August 30 in the regions above the Loire, indicates Météo France. Overall, there are between 7 and 11 degrees of difference compared to an average for the month of March.

In Cherbourg (Manche), the thermometer read 23.4 degrees, while on average in March, the temperature is around 10.6 degrees. Remarkably mild temperatures also in Alençon (Orne), where it was 22.9 degrees, more than ten degrees compared to the average in March.

In Brittany, Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) also benefited from the mildness (23 degrees), just as much as in Touquet (Pas-de-Calais), where it was 23.1 degrees. In the mountains, the inhabitants were able to bask in the sun, as in Bourg-Saint-Maurice (Savoie station at 865 meters), where it was 25.3 degrees. Mont d’Arbois, a station at an altitude of 1,833 m in Haute-Savoie, showed 16.8 degrees on the thermometer. The old record was 14.5 degrees.

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In Île-de-France, near Poissy (Yvelines), the thermometer records 24 degrees. On average in March in the Paris region, it is around 13 degrees. Paris displays 24.3 degrees. The record of March 25, 1955 with 25.7 degrees has not yet been reached. In the southwest, in the Landes, Tartas displays 27.5 degrees.

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