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Home Sport Teemu Pukki told about the background of his goal tone - Owls
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Teemu Pukki told about the background of his goal tone – Owls

Teemu Pukki says he is in no hurry to break Jari Litmanen’s goal record.

– I am played the best football of my career for the last three years, matured again in a wild goal Teemu Pukki grant.

On Sunday, he scored an important draw for the Finnish national football team in Ukraine in the World Cup qualifiers.

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On Monday, the fiery star striker had reason to celebrate again. Pukki turned 31 years old and spent his birthday at an already traditional expense: On the Journey of the Owls.

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From home came a phone of congratulatory song to the hero of the day, but otherwise time went by when recovering from the match in Kiev. The national team also sang on the bus to their goal scorer.

– I told the dudes that I would prefer to have birthdays with my own family, but this team will be a good second, Pukki said.

On Wednesday Two goals against Bosnia and a sunken comma against Ukraine continued Puk’s insanely hard lift.

In his club team in Norwich, he has already scored 22 hits during the Championship season. That’s the second very number in the series.

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As the starting shot for this spring’s top vibe, Pukki will keep an easy finish on Stoke’s net in February. The finish was preceded by recovery from minor injuries and extra work on the training ground in Norwich. The ketchup bottle opened.

– I got a boost of confidence. The goals feed self-confidence and you can start with a good feeling in every game, Pukki says.

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On the national team Pukki have scored a total of 30 goals in his career, of which 20 were born in the last 26 matches. He praises the development of the whole team for the hits made for Finland.

– We have been able to win games and create places. That jesus a lot.

The most goals, 32, have been fired at Finland Jari Litmanen. The record heat is not so hard that Puk would not taste rest in Wednesday’s international match against Switzerland. Then there is no play for World Cup qualifiers.

– I don’t want a record now and now. When I play and am able to score goals to help the team, it comes on time.

Now let’s live again the so-called Pukki Party the hottest wee hours. Pukki party is a concept invented by fans for the times when Pukki spit paint. Then the drink is cheap, the feeling on the ceiling and the lights colorful.

But at the end of last season, when Norwich dropped out of the Premier League as a middle-aged leader returning to the hallway for a little Christmas party, a fierce Pukki hangover was also seen. Pukki did not score a goal in 20 consecutive matches in January-September 2020.

– Futis wasn’t nice then. It was hard when there were no successes, the top player admits.

What measures can an attacker take now at a good time to prevent longer goalless periods?

– The internal affairs of the head are of great importance. I certainly learned from those times. You just have to go through your head to go through things that you can leave with ease in the fields. When the feeling is relaxed and I can enjoy football, I get the most out of myself, he estimates.

How does playing football feel now as you run?

– Nice, Buck laughs.

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