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teachers and parents demand firm measures

INTERVIEWWith more and more cases of Covid-19 in schools, voices are being raised to demand a reinforced protocol, human and material resources, or even the total closure of establishments. Since Friday, a single positive case in a class is already enough to close it, which has resulted in cascading closings. At the Eugène Delacroix high school in Drancy for example, no less than 22 classes will be closed from Monday. “We are satisfied with this measure, which we have been demanding for some time. But it is far from sufficient”, judge Ghislaine David, general secretary of Snuipp-FSU, guest of Europe 1 on Saturday.

Call to strike in Île-de-France

“The schools will eventually close on their own because there will not be enough teachers at all to ensure their proper functioning,” she warns. The Parisian and Ile-de-France sections of the union called on staff to strike as “the ultimate means of protecting their health, that of students and families”. “Teachers are afraid when they go to work, they have to be protected.”

According to Ghislaine David, the health protocol in place in schools is still far too light. “The canteens are the weak link. There are many children there and not masked. Since the beginning of the year, we have also been asking for the purchase of CO2 sensors and air purifiers, without success. If we are closing classes today as we go along, it is because these measures have not been taken before. “

The incidence rate up by 31% among 0-14 year olds

Marion, mother of two children attending an elementary school in Créteil, shares her exasperation. “We cannot let children infect themselves and their families. It almost feels like we are putting our children in some sort of ‘covidroma’.” Among 0-14 year olds, the incidence rate increased by 31% from March 15 to 21 compared to the previous week. A sharp increase which today pushes Marion to demand the closure of schools until the adoption of “real health measures”.

But unlike many of its European neighbors, France still refuses to close its establishments. For the Head of State, “the complete closure of schools cannot be taboo, but it must remain a last resort and a measure limited to the maximum in time”.

“The children are paying the unconsciousness and the fact of not taking into account the reality on the ground”, castigates for his part Rodrigo Arenas, president of the federation of parents of pupils (FCPE). He too is asking for additional resources: “Otherwise, it is our children who will drink.”

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