Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Teacher from Gothenburg new party leader for Feminist Initiative

Teysir Subhi will share the party leadership with Farida al-Abani from Stockholm. This is clear after the Feminist Initiative elected new party leaders during a digital party congress this weekend.

– I am tired, but of course very happy to have received this trust. Now we make sure to bring new energy and new power into the new election movement, says Teysir Subhi when SVT Nyheter Väst reaches her on Sunday night.

33-year-old Teysir Subhi works full-time as a teacher in Gothenburg and is a member of the Feminist Initiative in the Gothenburg City Council. The new assignment as party leader is a non-profit work and does not involve any changes in her other commitments.

– I will continue to work at the school. It is important to keep one foot in reality, says Teysir Subhi.

Far below the parliamentary barrier

The Feminist Initiative received the most votes in the 2014 election, when the party received 3.1 percent of the vote. In the last parliamentary election, FI received 0.5 percent. Former party leader Gita Nabavi announced her resignation a year ago.

What do you think the chances are for you before next year’s election?
– We are located in 12 municipalities and in the Gotland Region. I think the way to the Riksdag for us is that we are in the country’s municipalities and regions, so we will see if there may be another election before we enter the Riksdag, says Teysir Subhi.

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