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Tarek Boudali Unveils Crazy “30 Days Max” Shooting Secrets

INTERVIEWHis film only stayed in theaters for 15 days, but it still reached one million viewers. Comedian Tarek Boudali released 30 days max, his first film as a director, just two weeks before the second confinement. This therefore did not prevent a stormy start. On the occasion of the DVD release of the film, Tarek Boudali recounts Tuesday in Media Culture how preparing for the shoot led him to hang out with the police, a hedgehog in a great hurry, and having a seizure.

Race in pursuit of knowledge

To prepare for the shoot, Tarek Boudali spent a night in immersion with the anti-crime brigade (BAC) of the 17th arrondissement in Paris. “Not much was happening. And at the stroke of 3 am, we start a chase with car thieves,” recalls the actor. “I felt like I was in a movie. We were in the streets of Paris, at over 100 km / h!”

The thieves are arrested and then recognize Tarek Boudali in the police car. The director then makes them specify by a police officer that they did not steal his car and that he is there for a completely different reason. “I know, I know him. He’s my cousin’s friend!”, Retorts one of the suspected thieves to the police officer. Verification done, it is indeed the cousin of one of his friends that Tarek Boudali and the police had just pursued.

Paid “to keep the hedgehog awake”

Tarek Boudali then unveils another anecdote, more “calm” … but very expensive. The shooting required the use of a hedgehog, a protected species. “You can’t do just anything, and you have to shoot in the area where he lives.” An adaptation to the animal world which therefore required the displacement of a whole film team. But the difficulties do not end there.

“When we were shooting, the hedgehog was going to enter a period of hibernation. And from that moment, it’s over,” says Tarek Boudali, who had to shake up his schedule. “We made it a point to go back earlier in the shooting days with the hedgehog, so that he wouldn’t be in hibernation. On the last day, there was someone who was paid to keep him awake and he wouldn’t start. to hibernate. “

“I was seized with convulsions”

Not scalded by the chase with the Parisian BAC, Tarek Boudali wanted to do all his stunts himself. This big fan of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Tom Cruise found himself riding a motorcycle at 90km / h in Paris, shirtless and without a helmet. “It was 2 ° C, it was night and it had rained a little,” adds the actor. “The pavement was slightly wet. If I missed it, it was death.”

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Still on the set of 30 days max, he also devoted himself to a number of tightrope walking, at night, between two buildings. “It was maybe -2 ° C, I was shirtless and we shot this slackline scene two nights in a row,” he explains, adding that he was safe in the event of a fall. These two nights were not easy. “At the end of the second night, I had a seizure. In fact, I had a hypothermic attack.” A gift of oneself which, one imagines, was worth the effort compared to the million admissions accumulated in 15 days of exploitation of the film.

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