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Tango Queen Johanna Pakonen’s startling revelation from her youth – pictures say more than a thousand words – Entertainment

The singer published on Instagram a couple of pictures from his youth and today.

Vocalist Johanna Pakonen shared a social media photo update about the appearance pressures experienced by women.

The first picture shows a thirty-year-old, wire-skinned tango queen, the second Johanna today.

Pakonen was elected tango queen in 2002 when she was 26 years old. Today, he is 44 years old. He recently took part in the Survivors Finland reality TV show.

– I would rather have a strong adult woman of normal size than a little boy in his thirties suffering from appearance pressures, who has three numbers too big for his body, Pakonen blinks in his text.

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He says he will release the update because “anonymous and faceless online shouters” criticize the appearance of others. She feels that zero size is glorified and that there are unreasonable expectations for a woman’s appearance.

– Because expectations that a woman looks the same as a 44-year-old mother of three, as a 26-year-old with an eating disorder, she writes.

– Well, it doesn’t look. And no need to show. Are there any examples we want to give, show, and teach to young women?

With his writing, Pakonen hopes for body peace and that everyone would only take care of their own size.

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The singer has previously told of her sad experiences early in her career. He said, for example Home doctor magazine in an interview in 2019 that he was told during the Tango market qualifying phase that he should lose 15 pounds.

– I understand that the performing artist should look good, but the main thing is the other help. My singing skills don’t depend on whether I weigh 50 or 90 pounds, the singer said.

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