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Tampereen Pyrinto started the men’s Basketball League semi-finals with a victory – “This was only the first show” – Basketball

On Tuesday, the attempt defeated Karhu Basket of Kauhajoki, who is defending the championship.

Tampere The attempt started the men’s Korisliiga semi-finals with a home victory when it defeated Kauhajoki’s Bear Basket 95–83, which defends the championship. The semi-finals advance to four finals.

Facing the second and third in the regular season, Pyrinn’s 13–3 start propped it into the lead throughout the game. In the third period, Karhu Basket narrowed the 16-point home lead to four points.

At the start of the fourth period, the guests climbed seven points away, but after that Pyrunt increased his lead to a maximum of 18 points.

– This was only the first show, but of course it was nice to win it. We did good things, were careful, implemented the agreed game, and made further improvements during the game. Yes, the opponent’s attacking head’s balls need to be blocked better in the next game, Miikka Sopanen.

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Marcus Lewis boosted home victory by 21 points and David gonzalvez At 16. Anthony Hilliard made for guests 23 and Collin Malcolm 22 points.

Monday evening in the second semi-final pair, Salon Vilpas started the match series with a robbery in Helsinki, when it took home the winner of the regular season Seagulls with a home victory of 98-93.

Men’s Basketball League

1/7 semi-final match (4 wins to the finals):

Pyrinnon – Kauhajoki 95–83 (25–19, 23–23, 22–19, 25–22)

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Aspiration: Marcus Lewis 21/6, David Gonzalvez 16/4, Osku Heinonen 13/4, Brady Skeens 12/9/5 assists, Shaquille Thomas 9/2, Shawn Hopkins 9/2, Tomas Pihlajamäki 8/1, Lassi Kilpinen 4/3 , Panu Peltokangas 3/0, Valtteri Leppänen 0/0, Justus Kilpinen 0/0, Eero Lehtonen 0/0.

Kauhajoki: Anthony Hilliard 23/6/5 feed, Collin Malcolm 22/5, Jeffery Garrett Jr 16/6/3 fight, Osasumwen Osaghae Jr 9/11, Eero Innamaa 7/6, Okko Lake 3/5/8 feed, Bojan Sarcevic 3 / 3/9 assists, Kalle Peltonen 0/0, Joona Hakamaa 0/0, Thomas Vehmanen 0/0.

The effort leads to a win of 1-0.

The following semi-final matches: 1.4. Vilpas – Seagulls, 2.4. Bear Basket – Pyrinth.

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