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Swedish totop pools open to Finns – new calculation method and Police Board permission in the background – Ravit

Swedish totopools open to Finns – new calculation method and Police Board permission in the background

From next week, you will be able to play the truth again in all the starts and game destinations of Sweden. Veikkaus has received permission from the National Board of Police to start selling games for basic games hosted by the Swedish ATG, which use a different odds calculation principle than in Finland.The participation of Finland in the so-called joint pools of traditional top games such as winner, doubles and troika has been on hiatus when ATG switched to a new model last year. When it was not possible to participate in the joint pots, Veikkaus opened its own totop pools to Swedish destinations, but their exchanges remained relatively small.

– The change in the odds calculation model is one of the most significant changes to the toto games that have been played in Finland since 1928. The new odds calculation model brings variable-odds games closer to long-haul, while the calculation allows for smaller odds variations. The odds line for the combinations is the same regardless of the game, and one multiplier is shown directly in the place game, Juha Ahjolinna, Veikkaus’ variable odds product group manager says in a company release.

In the odds calculation model, the player cannot calculate how the odds of the game combination are formed, and the split sum of the games is not shown. According to the release, the principle of the calculation model is that the stakes played in games are added together, and the net amount of stakes played in the combinations played is divided into the basic combinations of the game with the most possible combinations, where the odds are calculated per game per combination.

The combined odds calculation model includes winner, place, troika, doubles and exact games.

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The game will open next week not only in Sweden but also in Danish trotting destinations.

The reform does not apply to so-called T-games such as Toto75 or Toto86.

For the time being, Finnish toto games are held in Finland as before. However, Ahjolinna says in the press release that the new model may well be the future in terms of offering variable-odds games to players more broadly.

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