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Sweden awaiting demands for Olympic boycott

When the Winter Olympics in Beijing open on February 4 next year, the Chinese dictatorship will shine on the same stage as the world’s biggest sports stars. But the demands for a boycott have increased. Canadian opposition politician Erin O´Toole wants to see the Olympics elsewhere, and in the United States, Republican John Katko writes in a letter to President Joe Biden, that “the United States cannot gullibly participate in an Olympics in a country that commits genocide and tries to manipulate and lie to the world about these atrocities ”.

Jojje Olsson runs a news site with the cape aimed at China, a country he lived in for six years, but was forced to leave when he was blacklisted by the regime, and moved to Taiwan.

– Sweden is a little behind in this debate. If we, despite everything we know about China, do not do something, we legitimize China and give them an opportunity for propaganda, Olsson tells SVT Sport.

Amanda Lind:

– We have respect for the fact that Swedish sports follow decisions made about the Olympics, but from the government’s side we are working on future championships.

Organizations require Olympic relocation

When China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, it was intended to include and encourage democracy – but that did not happen. Hong Kong’s democracy is being crushed and Tibet is being oppressed. The persecution of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang is called by some a genocide, at least culturally. Already in the autumn, about 160 different human rights organizations demanded that the International Olympic Committee move the Winter Olympics to a country other than China, which in turn has already threatened sanctions against countries participating in a possible boycott.

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– As Swedish Minister of Sports, I have a hard time telling Swedish sports to implement a boycott, says Amanda Lind to SVT Sport.

But do not boycotts have to come from governments?

– The government makes decisions about which events we will attend. I will not visit China, and as far as I know I am not welcome there.

“Sweden should have a boycott”

Jojje Olsson, on the other hand, wants to see stronger action from Sweden, the EU and the rest of the democratic world.

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– I think that Sweden should talk to other winter sports nations and get a joint boycott. I believe that everyone who takes the right side of history is doing themselves a favor, he says.

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