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Surface rescuers rescued a pregnant dog from a deep waterway in Savonlinna – Kotimaa

The owner of the Black Cava and the rescue service praise the caller nearby, whose promptness helped the rescuers.

The South Savo Rescue Department set out for rescue missions near the port of Savonlinna on Friday with the full shift.

– At 15.11, we received an alarm for the inspection task in Heikinpohja, Savonlinna, because a person walking back and forth and waving his hands strongly, a firefighter on duty at the South Savo Rescue Department, had been seen on the ice in the vicinity of the deep waterway. Eero Aho tells Ilta-Sanomat.

When the units arrived on the scene, the incident turned into a rescue mission.

– It soon became clear that the labrador retriever of the woman waving on the ice had fallen into the open water among the ice blocks, Aho says.

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The Rescue Department’s surface rescuers moved by helicopter to open water.

– They managed to lift the loud, pregnant Labrador Retriever out of the water. The dog rescued from the tense situation thanked the rescuers who had worked effectively by licking.

A memorable day for the dog was crowned by a fast-paced hydrocopter ride back to the beach to the owner. According to Ajo, the dog seemed to have survived the situation with fright and was well-off on the beach.

The rescue department thanks the caller nearby, whose promptness helped the rescuers.

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The dog owner is also grateful that the threatening situation was overcome with fright.

– Black 4 years 10 months old Labrador Retriever Cava fell on the ice. Surface rescuers work really fast, dog owner Wind says.

The situation was serious, but it was resolved.

– Fortunately, someone nearby called the emergency center. When I heard the sounds of surface rescuers coming in, I believed Cava would survive. It was a close-up situation, but now we are already happily at home.

– Cava is expecting puppies to be born at the end of April, so the loss would have been multiple and terrible for both of us. Heartfelt thanks to the rescuers, their speed and efficiency were amazing.

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