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Super-promise An-Dorra returned from winter training in a boost – the owner already highlighted the Suur-Hollola ride – Ravit

Super-promise An-Dorra returned from winter training in a lively way – the owner already highlighted the Suur-Hollola ride

Vermon The level of Toto65 targets wasn’t dazzling after last Saturday’s hard-won top spots.Wednesday’s by far the most watched and talented horse competed even before them in the 4-year-old warm-blooded Derby Winter Favorites.

It was An-Dorra, who gave birth to phenomenal runs last season, who returned to reality after just over a couple of months of winter training.

The battle between An-Dorora, the Magical Princess, and the partners had been left out of the “spruce” because only five squads participated. This solution was made to ensure that the line would not have become too easy due to the clear destination departure.

Admittedly, many spectators and players might disagree and wonder why the super horse’s run was hidden in the shadow of the T65 departures away from pre-glow and game speculation.

Winter favorite departure was a run-through to a big favorite. Jukka Torvinen driven by An-Dorra, he would shoot straight from the start to the windbreaker, was allowed to pull at the pace he wanted on the way and arrived at the finish with a lot of strength.

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The Magical Princess, who was an opponent of An-Dorra in the mares’ foal starts last year, also earned an absolutely commendable grade for her performance.

The mare, who was third in the queue, climbed 300 meters before the goal and with her sharp spurt clearly also reached the winner in the final meters.

The lead times for the 2,600-meter group race were 17.0 and 17.1.

Owner Reino in Palomäki was for the first time a strong belief in An-Dorra, who trained well in the winter.

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– The mare has been so good with the hites that it has even had to be restrained so that it doesn’t go too hard. It fulfilled my dream in the opening competition of the year, Palomäki said.

Palomäki would also illuminate the sequel to his young gold piece.

– Next we go to Seinäjoki and then definitely to Kuopio Stakes, which is the mare’s first mile race.

– If An-Dorra has gone ahead and is healthy, it will also run the Suur-Hollola ride in the summer, which it has been paid for. This summer, Greater Hollola may be my last chance, the owner with cancer revealed his bold plans.

Also the warm-blooded three-mile leveling ride went en route in a queue formation like the pigs in a poor house. In the end, everything changed completely, and three competitors crashed side by side to the finish line.

Artic Lover, who was able to claim the top spot in time from behind, was able to reach even a meager victory.

Umbertino Grif, a surprise who shoved his shoes wildly from his previous run, was second and William Birdland, who had skied the last 1,700 meters on the second track without traction, was third on the same front.

Arctic Lover was driven by Hannu-Pekka Korvi, a coach who had been placed in a corona quarantine instead of his father Pekka Korpi.

– Arctic Lover still had hockey shoes, because they are still needed in our home. Maybe it should have changed its summer shoes, which would have made it easier, Pekka Korpi thought.

– The stallion weighed a little too much on the bow at times, but otherwise we were able to proceed at the pace we wanted. The horse is improving all the time, and when it gets a few starts, it should go even further.

Finnish horses the toughest series saw a corresponding tight torque of three horses from the first prize.

A narrow victory pinched the losing streak in the winter, found Good-Looking. Hujake, who was pushing from behind, was second and Meren Maininki was third.

The leader of Korven would have had a say, too, if it had not shot in the last straight when he was already coveting a run away from his opponents.

Coach Juha Uetlen according to the good-looking gallop was not far away either.

– There were a few soft spots at the end, and I had to squat a little at the mare’s control. The gallop was not far away either. Good-looking is accurate if the platform fluctuates, and it shows in its rhythm, Utala said.

The good-looking has burst into the onslaught of his life at the age of 10. It has achieved three victories and one second place in its last four races.

– Owner Pauliina Packalen-Metsälä his hard work in front of the horse from year to year has helped. We have managed to try with the mare, even though there have been adversities at times, Utala said.

Toto65 items giant favorite Vaya Con Dios was nowhere near winning. In a race accelerated by Montales, who was struggling with a giant surprise, the horse that ran along the second track was sixth.

The victory was taken by Rahart, who was the closest to the rabbit who clearly led the race, and was driven by coach Ville Tonttila.. Homehill’s Hugo also passed Montales.

One of the most positive surprises of the surprise round was Newport Brodde, who had a long taste of victory. It was helped by coach Nyyti-Maria Timonen according to the removal of shoes.

Ruuna’s full hit wasn’t lucky, as it got a heavy trip on the third and second tracks without traction.

The Toto65 wins were also run by the Confeder who clearly led the entire trip and Federal Death, who sprinted sharply in the finish line. The owner of the first is Siru Juutinen and the latter by Tommi Kela.

No complete matches were found in Toto65.

Right row of Toto65, Vermo 17.3.

Toto65-1: 4 Arctic Lover

Toto65-2: 8 Good looking

Toto65-3: 2 Rahart

Toto65-4: 1 Plausible

Toto65-5: 8 Newport Brodde

Toto65-6: 4 Federal Death

There were no six correct results. Five right 457.29 euros.

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