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Suez Canal: the “Ever Given” finally back afloat



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Strategic passage between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the Suez Canal is cleared. More than 400 ships waited for the grounding of the “Ever Given”.
On the Suez Canal finally cleared Monday, March 29, the sirens of the tugs greet the happy outcome. After a week of blockage, the gigantic container ship Ever Given has been refloated. It is the epilogue of a race against time to free the narrow passage through which passes 10% of international trade.

Egyptian television is broadcasting the event live. With enthusiasm, the commentator points out that it was the midday high tide that allowed the boat to take off from the bottom. At low speed, theEver Given goes north, before resuming his journey to Rotterdam (Netherlands), his final destination, he will have to spend a few days in Amer Lake (Egypt), to ensure that he has not suffered any damage .

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