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Such is the new Wonder Woman, which has been streamed today – a Finnish dancer as a wonderful Amazon warrior – TV & movies

In the new Wonder Woman adventure, Diana Prince fights two enemies in the 1980s. The Finnish Miranda Chambers, who was chosen for the role from hundreds, will also play in the Olympic scene of the Amazon Warriors.

Superhero Wonder Woman’s second own adventure Wonder Woman 1984 will be streaming live on Friday to HBO Nordic instead of cinemas.

The reason is the coronation situation, which is penalizing the film industry in Europe: theaters are closed in many countries.

Gal Gadot’n the Amazon hero he plays chases the villains and swings his lasso now during the Cold War.

Gal Gadot also plays Diana Prince in the sequel to the successful film Wonder Woman, which lives in the 1980s.­

Patty Jenkinsin the film continues the story of the first Wonder Woman, completed in 2017. In the sequel, Diana Prince chases two new enemies in the 1980s, Max Lord and Cheetah. They play them Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig.

Even before her own film, Wonder Woman is an adventure director Zack Snyderin minisarjassa Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which premiered on HBO Nordic on Thursday 18 March.

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It is Snyder’s entirely proprietary version of a superhero adventure completed in 2017, which was then completed by the director Joss Whedon.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also an interesting film from a Finnish point of view, as one of the Amazon warriors seen in the opening scene of the film is played by a Finnish dancer. Miranda Chambers, 23.

Miranda Chambers in her spectacular role model.­

He was chosen from among hundreds of candidates as one of the eight Amazons in the early scene.

The scene lasts only five minutes in the film, but the preparation and filming employed Chambers for half a year.

It describes the budget of the film, which is huge even in Hollywood: Wonder Woman 1984 is estimated to have cost more than 160 million euros.

In addition to Chambers, both the former Olympic athlete and the Victoria’s Secret model were selected for the roles of female warriors. The actors did almost all of their stunts themselves.

The chore was tough for Chambers too, who was used to dancing every day. He needed more muscle mass in his body as well as the strength to jump, climb and hang.

Miranda Chambers­

– We trained for filming for many months. We trained at the gym for two hours five times a week, Chambers told Ilta-Sanomat in January.

– It was quite a murder, but at the same time really nice, because it was so new and exciting, Chambers, who became close friends with other Amazon women, described.

Miranda Chambers has studied at Sibelius High School and danced and coached at a dance school in Finland in order to be able to travel abroad for workshops as often as possible. She has also worked on the lists of the modeling agency Paparazzi.

In 2017, she moved to London and was looking for a new modeling agency. Chambers took part in a casting that hadn’t been told much in advance, so he didn’t think it could be anything very important.

– And then it was this movie … Well, at least they got a real picture of me in that situation!

In the opening scene, Chambers and other female warriors fight on their home island of Themyscira at the Olympics. The scene on the film’s timeline is a thing of the past, and Wonder Woman’s role features only a 10-year-old racehorse instead of Gal Gadot at the time of filming Lilly Aspell.

Wonder Woman 1984, Fri 26.3. from HBO Nordic.

Gal Gadot is seen again in the role of Wonder Woman.­

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