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Suarez: The most beautiful moments of my life I lived in Abu Dhabi with Barcelona – sports – local

The former Barcelona player, who is now Al-Dhaid, Venezuelan of Spanish origin, Jeffrine Suarez, revealed that the most beautiful moments of his life he lived in Abu Dhabi, which hosted the Club World Cup in 2009 and crowned the title with “Barca” at the expense of Argentine Estudiantes, expressing his happiness to return to the Emirates again and lead Al-Dhaid in First Division League.

Suarez (33 years old) said to “Emirates Today”: “I am happy to move to play in the Emirati leagues, and this constitutes another milestone for me after I represented several clubs in my career in various countries of the world, such as Barcelona, ​​for whom I played for three years, before moving to other clubs in Leagues in Portugal, Switzerland and Cyprus, and now I have moved to Dhaid thanks to a relationship that connects me with a friend and I hope that it will be a good experience that I will evaluate later, but from the first glance a good trip, especially since I feel great psychological comfort in the club, as there is everything in the Emirates that a football player needs to be able to To give what is required of him, and my advice is to obtain the player and the coach that is the key to his success.

He added: “I did not know much about Emirati football, but I now follow it and get to know it a lot. I hope that the UAE national team will succeed in qualifying for the next World Cup. I have made many friends here and I am grateful for the friendliness and appreciation that they treat me with,” adding: “I heard previously about Names of well-known stars, including Ismail Matar, Omar Abdul Rahman and Ali Mabkhout, and today I got to know more, especially Mabkhout, who I consider to be the best Emirati football star, and a distinguished goal. ”

Regarding his continuation of playing in the UAE first division or his intention to move to play in the professional league or go to professionalism in another country, Jefferson stressed that he should be a professional wherever he plays and any tournament, and based on that, he is only currently thinking about the Al Dhaid team. He joined him late, and he hopes to get out of the situation he suffers, and if he came early, the matter would differ in the results and the balance of the points in his possession, and generally when the current season ends, I will sit with myself and think carefully to make the appropriate decision.

And about the possibility of Emirati players in a club such as Barcelona, ​​he said: “Football needs someone who loves it more than those who play it in order for the player to succeed in shining. I loved her and loved Barcelona and put him in my mind from a young age until I reached him, but I did not last long with the first team, as I played for him. Two years or a little more, and this is a very good number in my opinion for the golden generation, the days of Iniesta, Xavi, Lionel Messi, David Villa and the legends of Spanish and international football, and it was a wonderful thing for me.

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He explained: “Although Barcelona is restricted to star players, it is not impossible for players to join him, if you are a player keen on his brilliance and able to represent him, it will be available with a lot of luck.” Regarding his fifth goal that he scored against Real Madrid in the “Clasico” La Liga in 2010 when he played as a striker alongside Argentine Lionel Messi and David Villa and others, Suarez said: “Everyone remembers me that goal that never leaves my imagination, and it is enough that it is in Madrid’s goal. And it became a milestone in my life, introducing me to the public, the media and clubs wherever I go, which is something that makes me very happy. ”

And if he had an ongoing relationship with one of the current Barcelona players, including Lionel Messi or someone else, he said: “My relationship is good with everyone, but communication with former players was almost interrupted because of their preoccupation with their responsibilities, and I am also with the clubs that I moved to, but I always make sure to visit the club’s headquarters whenever I was in Spain before life stopped due to the Corona virus, ”stressing that his relationship was more distinguished with the French player Abidal, who was close to him, loved and encouraged him always, as well as the Spaniard Xavi, who was close to him a lot.

Jeffrine Suarez touched on the level of Barcelona in the current period, and said: “With full respect and appreciation for the Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, he is a great coach, but Barcelona needs a more daring coach, and I think that Spaniard Xavi Hernandez is the very appropriate option because he will have great support and care from all sides of the game. In Barcelona, ​​and at the same time I hope that Koeman succeeds in a brilliant way with Barcelona, ​​because I can not hope otherwise.

He continued: “Not every coach can succeed in (Barca), as the club has its own and needs a person who plays a role greater than being the coach of the team, as it needs a leader, and this we saw with former coach Pep Guardiola, who won unforgettable titles and cups with him.”

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• 33 years of age, former Barcelona player, who is currently Jeffren Suarez.

Jeffren Suarez:

• Ali Mabkhout is the best Emirati football star and a distinguished goal-scorer.

My goal at Real Madrid is a milestone in my life, introducing me to the fans, the media and clubs.

• Barcelona needs a coach who is more daring than Koeman … and the most appropriate Xavi.

• I enjoy distinguished care and feel happy in Al Dhaid .. I like it very much.

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