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Stress can cause premenopausal people in their thirties – gynecologist tells about symptoms that few associate with menopause – Good mood

The first symptoms of menopause can start as early as the age of 40. Symptoms can be treated with COCs.

Hot flashes, sweating and sleepless nights. Many women know that we are now talking about menopause.

Menopause, which begins in the ears around the age of 46-56, suggests that estrogen production in the body is declining. That’s when menstruation ends. But even 5 to 10 years before the actual menopause begins, many women suffer from premenstrual years.

Pre-menopausal symptoms can begin at the earliest when you are under 40, says Terveystalo’s gynecologist and obstetrics specialist. Annaleena Heikkilä.

– Even very young women can experience transient menstrual symptoms triggered by low estrogen as a result of stress and strain, Heikkilä says.

Did there be a strange change in the round?

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Pre-menopausal years mean that there is a change in normal hormonal function even before the actual menopause. At the same time, the symptoms creep out prematurely.

– For example, ovulation may not come. The menstrual cycle may become irregular or absent altogether. At times, leaks can again be exceptionally abundant.

When estrogen secretion throws, the symptoms of low estrogen, i.e. hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, mood symptoms, or even arrhythmia sensations, sometimes enter the pattern. In addition, it is typical that the posture is gone, the mind is low, and the sensation is crying.

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The onset of symptoms can be a month-long roller coaster, while estrogen secretion suddenly increases.

– There may be clear menopausal symptoms for a couple of months, and after a while when they alleviate, the woman is mistaken to think that the menopause is over.

The beginning of the pre-menopausal years is influenced by, among other things, genetics and lifestyles. In addition to intense stress, smoking, for example, accelerates the onset of menopause.

Menopause does not get through the e-pill

The symptoms of the premenopausal years, i.e. estrogen deficiency, are best treated, of course, by estrogen itself. According to Heikkilä, one option for getting it is a combined contraceptive pill. Menopausal symptoms cannot get through an estrogen-containing pill.

– If the pills are already in use, they can be continued until menopause. Then 50 ears wonder if contraception is still needed.

If you want to start medication for menopausal symptoms, the criterion, according to Heikkilä, is that the symptoms are really so awkward that a woman needs relief from them.

Appropriate treatment for pre-menopausal years should always be considered in conjunction with a gynecologist – there is no general guideline for treatment.­

A hormone coil that secretes lutein hormone alone does not treat menopausal symptoms at all. Then estrogen treatment can be started with a pill, ointment or even a patch.

It is also good to remember that if the pre-menopausal years begin before the age of 40, Kela will replace hormone therapy until the age of 50. According to Heikkilä, substitution treatment is important for many different reasons.

– It is important to start replacement therapy because estrogen is a female anabolic hormone that protects women from cardiovascular disease, maintains muscle mass and protects bones from brittleness.

However, Heikkilä emphasizes that a suitable method of treatment must always be considered together with a gynecologist individually – a general guideline for the treatment of pre-menopausal years cannot be made.

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Stress is likely to make the situation worse

There are other ways in which the first symptoms of menopause can be alleviated. Exercise relieves hot flashes and improves sleep quality. Sleep again has a direct connection to load management.

– With the advent of middle age, the burden can come from many directions: children are in their teens, their own parents are getting older and working life is causing stress. Then it is very important that the stressors and stress do not get too strong.

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