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street artists deconfin the song


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France 3

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T.Chammah, M.Brugniere, R.Méheust

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France 3

France Televisions

They are called the Popular Tube Brawlers. In the agglomeration of Fécamp (Seine-Maritime), a group of musicians decided to sing in the street, at the feet of houses.
In the streets of Fécamp (Seine-Maritime), to the foot of the houses, the Popular Tube Bawlers have been deconfining the song for two months. These artists have been technically unemployed since the start of the health crisis. “We, as musicians, had no contracts at all. All the contracts were canceled. We said to ourselves ‘we must not stand idly by’, we felt the gloom coming. We wondered what stone to the edifice we could add so as not to stand still. We said to ourselves that we were going to offer songs like we offer pizzas“, explains one of the members of the group.

The inhabitants also want to chase the gloom. A local resident jumped at the chance. “A little cheerfulness in the evening at home like that, it feels good“, he assures. Attracted by the music, the neighbors are regrouping little by little. Thanks to this spectacle outside, meetings are made, social ties are created. The remuneration of the musicians is done with the hat.

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