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“Stories” … melodies inspired by the achievements of the UAE – Our Life – Culture

From the achievements of his country, and the stories its history, present and future holds, the artist Ihab Darwish was inspired by the idea of ​​his symphonic project “Tales”, which is presented to the public the day after tomorrow, as the work moves from the heritage of the sea to the arrival of the UAE to space, with the participation of more than 128 artists from 20 countries .

In his interview with Emirates Today, Darwish revealed that each piece of artistic work that includes 13 symphonies, and comes within the exclusive digital productions and costs of the Abu Dhabi Festival 2021, is inspired by a success story through ages and generations, explaining that it includes «stories that tell the challenges that the ancestors began. With the sea, stories celebrating other achievements such as access to space, as well as the message of tolerance and love pursued by the Emirates to spread peace around the world, in addition to other stories that seek the spirit of rising youth and romantic dialogues and blends between Eastern and Western musical instruments, to give the spirit of cultural dialogue to present a unique global symphony. ».


Darwish indicated that the work on “stories” began after completing his previous work, “Waves of My Life,” adding: “Working on a music project of this size requires a lot of effort and time. After completing my first album (Waves of My Life) two years ago, I went back to my room. Operations and began to compose new compositions, and when it was agreed with the Abu Dhabi Festival to release together my second album, I immediately began recording and filming the project, that is, nearly seven months of continuous work.

Regarding the challenges he faced with the work team, especially in light of the “Covid-19” pandemic, he said: “There were many challenges, foremost of which was working under the pressure of the (Corona) pandemic, and communicating with everyone remotely, and the challenges became more difficult by the difference of laws. And the mechanisms of confronting the pandemic from one country to another, as we had to work with more than 128 music artists from 20 countries in five continents, in addition to the timing factor, as well as the difficulty of quality management in terms of art, whether musical or photographic. ” There were many meetings through the application of “Zoom” and it was required that everyone share his strategy and vision, and in the end it was important to follow the instructions in terms of filming and directing, so that we could collect all the visual and audio materials, and merge them into one main film within artistic controls to look together In one understanding and harmony.

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The pros and cons of “Corona”

Darwish considered that one of the most prominent negative repercussions of the pandemic on his work is his inability with the participating bands and artists to perform symphony pieces together in a concert on one stage, and their inability to get to know each other directly, as every music artist or band does not know each other. Not everyone knows what the end result of the project will be.

But on the other hand, as he sees, there is a positive aspect, which is his ability, with the participating team, to overcome the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and to prove that art has no limits even on the international scale, as music is a global language that does not need an interpreter. The end will show people a painting, and every artist who participated in this project will be able to enjoy with the audience watching the concert for the first time upon its launch, expressing his appreciation for the Abu Dhabi Festival for his support for it for the second time, and his appreciation for the trust of the Festival Foundation, Hoda Ibrahim Al-Khamis, for her confidence in him and his ability to implement a project Big like “tales”, which is a unique and unprecedented achievement in the region, or perhaps in the world, that brings together artists from the islands of Japan, passing through the countries of the world to the shores of California.

Music is a human haven

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Darwish stressed the importance of the role of music in life, whether during normal life or under any pandemic, as it represents a quiet haven for anyone anywhere in the world.

He continued: “With the help of modern technologies, it became possible to share the performance of any kind of art with anyone else, even if he is on the other side of the world. I believe that this experience opened new horizons, and created our readiness to adapt to any event, but rather it will be a new addition and feature in our life when we return to normal life, through which we learned to have higher effectiveness in work, and also to save financially, while preserving Quality in the final product ».

Ihab Darwish:

• «The work brings together artists from the islands of Japan, passing through the countries of the world, to the shores of California.

• “There were challenges, foremost among which was working under pressure from (Corona), and communicating with everyone remotely.”

Via the Abu Dhabi Festival website

The “stories” symphony pieces will be presented to the public from the 30th of this month until the 11th of next April, on the Abu Dhabi Festival website. Emirati musician Ihab Darwish leads 128 artists to play 13 symphonies, highlighting the different musical customs and cultures in all continents, with the participation of an academic orchestra. Beethoven with Maestro Thomas Tokarric, Fox Chamber Choir, Tenor Jose Cora, in addition to the participation of a constellation of the most important international musicians, including: Sarah Anden, the Japanese drummer band Kodo, flamenco and guitarist Carlos Piniana, clarinet player Kinan Al-Azma, and many others.

• 13 symphonies, including the artwork, which begins its first showing the day after tomorrow by default.

• Stories that tell the challenges that the ancestors started with the sea, and stories that celebrate other successes, such as reaching space.

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