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Start of the presidential campaign in Djibouti amid a call for a boycott

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                In Djibouti, the electoral campaign began yesterday in view of the presidential election on April 9.  There are only two candidates, the outgoing president Ismaël Omar Guelleh, in power since 1999 and who is running for a 5th term.  In front of him, Zakaria Ismael Farah a businessman president of the MDEND party.  The rest of the opposition boycotted.

                                    <p>With our regional correspondent, <strong>Sébastien Németh</strong>

President Guelleh began his electoral tour with a rally in Tadjourah, in the north. About ten gatherings are scheduled until April 7. Faced with an opposition that boycots and accuses the Head of State of dragging himself into power, Daoud Houmed, spokesman for the majority, sweeps away the critics.

« His achievements are visible to the naked eye. Djiboutians will be able to judge the results. There is no term limit in Djibouti. The opposition had all the latitude to present its candidate. We can only change the course of things through the ballot box, asserts the spokesperson for the majority. So it is not by boycotting that the opposition will convince Djiboutians of the merits of its efforts. »

The opposition provides “ an inevitable fall of the dictatorship »

Several opposition parties, NGOs and activists are on the verge of signing a charter. The text provides for a political transition with new institutions, to guard against the chaos after the ” inevitable fall of the dictatorship », Indicates the opposition. Mohamed Kadamy, the boss of the rebel group FRUD joined the initiative.

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« Elections are no longer useful in Djibouti. And so the longer the power goes on, the more the risks of chaos and instability will be present. The reason we have organized this transitional charter is to prevent chaos. From the fall of power, this charter must apply. And as Guelleh will not start on his own, we are building a balance of power through multifaceted struggles to release it. »

The RADDE party did not join forces, believing that a transition could not be foreseen as long as the power was in place. His supporters protested for the 11th week in a row on Friday against the 5th term. RADDE leader Abdourahman Mohamed Guelleh calls on Djiboutians not to vote or to put a torn ballot in the ballot box.


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