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Standard: The league tops roll in the Premier League and Serie A – Football

Manchester City and Inter will continue to poke, but will RB Leipzig be able to challenge Bayern?

1 Leicester-Manchester C (2)

Premier league: Leicester is struggling heavily for ranking in the top four, even if the game performances don’t fully justify it. Prior to the break, it also advanced to the FA Cup semi-finals by taking a 3-1 match against Manchester United at home. Series leader Manchester City cleared their own FA Cup semi-finals by winning Everton away 2-0. The difference in level is clear for the benefit of the guests, and the City also deserves a favorite position of about 65 percent even for the guests.

2 Arsenal-Liverpool (12)

Premier league: Arsenal’s grips have been at a good level for a long time. In the pre-break local match against West Ham, it rose from a three-goal chase to a 3-3 point split. Liverpool advanced to the Champions League semi-finals when RB Leipzig crashed 4-0. There was also a taste of victory in the Premier League when the last match against Wolverhampton ended in a 1-0 victory. Liverpool is ahead of the game, although the season has been challenging. Guests earn about 45 percent of their favorite position in the match.

3 Leeds U-Sheffield U (1)

Premier league: Before the break, Leeds got a taste of victory by knocking out Fulham away 2-1 despite equal numbers of events. Sheffield lost to the coach Chris Wilderin in the post-kick Premier League match as Leicester away 0–5 and in the FA Cup quarterfinals as Chelsea away 0–2. Leeds also has little competitive motivation for the rest of the season, but the hosts ’favorite position of over 60 per cent is justified.

4 Torino-Juventus (1X)

A league: Torino lost their pre-break away game against Sampdoria 0-1, but in a scrimmage match against Sassuolo a couple of days earlier, it rose from two goals to a 3-2 victory. Juventus ’chances for the tenth consecutive Scudetto were further thinned after it lost to his home to Benevento despite game event control 0-1. The level difference is undeniable in favor of Juventus, and the guests deserve a favorite position of just over 60 percent in the local match.

5 Bologna v Inter 2

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A league: Bologna struggled for the last time as a guest of series jockey Crotone from an early two-goal chase to a 3-2 win. The match in the round before Inter’s break was postponed due to the precautionary measures, but there are six consecutive wins below, and the game performances have also been of high quality. . There is firepower in Bologna, but there are shortcomings in defensive play. As the highest quality team in the series, Inter deserves a favorite position of almost 70 percent.

6 Real Madrid-Eibar (1)

The League: Before the break, Real Madrid earned full points as a guest of Celta Vigo with their 3-1 win. In the same week, it also advanced to the semifinals of the Champions League, when Atalanta crashed 4-1. Eibar’s previous victory is from the first round of the year, and the poor results have driven the team into the fall already. The level difference in favor of the home team is clear, and a home win is about 75 percent likely.

7 RB Leipzig-Bayern Munich (12)

Bundesliga: Before the break, Leipzig earned full points on the away field against Bielefeld with his 1-0 win. Bayern handled their home game against Stuttgart in a peculiar way, with the undefeated series tip banging four goals in the first period. Leipzig is able to challenge Bayern, but the guests are clearly ahead in the rankings. Bayern deserves a favorite position of just under 50 percent in the match.

8 VfL Wolfsburg-FC Cologne (1)

Bundesliga: Wolfsburg is struggling hard for a place in next season’s Champions League. The 2-1 away win before the break was third in the last five games. Cologne’s previous victory will soon be two months away. The previous game performance was positive compared to expectations, as the series promoter equalized the score at home with Dortmund 2–2. Wolfsburg deserves a favorite position at home with a probability of just over 60 percent.

9 FC Augsburg-Hoffenheim (X2)

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Bundesliga: Augsburg had to bow to a 0-2 loss last time as a Freiburg guest. Hoffenheim suffered his second consecutive defeat when the home game against Mainz ended 1-2. The situation of both teams near the middle caste is safe, at least from the point of view of the threat of relegation. However, Augsburg has been lucky with its game performances and the level difference is clear in favor of the guests. Hoffenheim will start the match as a pre-favorite of just under 50 percent.

10 Bor. Dortmund-E. Frankfurt (12)

Bundesliga: Dortmund last equalized the score as a guest of Cologne 2–2, and victory would not have been a wrong either. After three winning matches, Frankfurt returned to victory after crushing Union Berlin 5-2 at home. Dortmund has dropped to fifth in the standings, but has been unlucky with his game performances. A higher quality home team earns about 55 percent of their favorite position in an important match.

11 Leverkusen-Schalke (1)

Bundesliga: The month before the break was difficult for Leverkusen – in part Lukas Hradeckyn also due to injury. Most recently, it lost its away game against Hertha despite a steady 0-3. Schalke’s season has gone historically poorly: there is already a Fifth Coach going, and it has only accumulated ten points throughout the season. Leverkusen’s chances for euro positions are slim, but there is still motivation. Hosts deserve more than 80 percent of the big favorite status.

12 Mainz 05-Arm. Bielefeld (1)

Bundesliga: Before the break, Mainz rose above the fall line after playing three consecutive matches without losses. In the last of these, it deservedly earned full points as a guest of Hoffenheim with its 2-1 victory. Before the break, Bielefeld had to bend to a 0-1 loss at home against Leipzig. Mainz is of better quality than the teams and earns a favorite position at home a little more than once out of two.

13 Mönchengladb. -Freiburg (X2)

Bundesliga: Gladbach got a taste of victory for a long time before the break, when Schalke fell 3-0. Freiburg also took a break from victory below when the home game against Augsburg was 2-0. Gladbach’s long losing streak included several unfortunate point losses, but motivation has also been put to the test by head coach Marco Rosen announced that he will move to the helm of Dortmund next season. A home team with a higher quality base deserves a favorite position with a probability of just over 50 percent.

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