Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Inside the corridors of a club, it is reported that the winds of administrative change will blow on the board of directors and the football company at the end of the next season, and that the club will bring some new individuals from symbols and former players, after disappointment in the results achieved this season.


A prominent official in one of the clubs admitted that the winter deals concluded by the club did not produce the expected results, as the new players who joined the team appeared at levels lower than expected, especially foreigners.


A club in the Arab Gulf League has amended the contract of a resident player, after he proved that he is the best player in the team, and that he is the lowest paid, as the player began receiving offers from other clubs.

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Al-Emarat Al-Youm learned that the Khorfakkan player from Sharjah, Omar Juma Rabie, came very close to joining Al-Nasr Club, with a three-year contract, after his distinction in the current season.


The party responsible for conducting the media dialogues in the professional club asked to postpone a dialogue with the player who distinguished himself in many matches, fearing that he would be strongly highlighted and make it difficult to negotiate with him to renew his contract.

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A club raised the price of its resident player 10 times its real value, so that it became equal to the value of other players playing in European leagues, after learning from a business agent that the player was wanted by a competing club, with good financial potential.


A resident player received many calls to sign a letter of authorization to discuss his transfer to one of the clubs that always compete, but he refused, due to his desire to focus on the team’s matches, and that his contract is still in progress.

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