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“Spoiler site” All rights reserved are copyright infringement Tokyo District Court | NHK News

The Tokyo District Court determined that almost all the lines of the manga being serialized were posted on the so-called “spoiler site” without permission, and the Tokyo District Court decided that it was a copyright infringement, and disclosed the sender’s information to the server management company. It turned out that I had handed down a judgment ordering.

The major publishers that serialize the manga say that it is epoch-making that the full copy of the lines is clearly recognized as copyright infringement.

The author of “Kengan Omega”, a manga serialized in Shogakukan’s manga app, requested disclosure of sender information, saying that almost all lines of the manga were posted on the spoiler site without permission and the copyright was infringed. I did.

Judge Yoshiaki Shibata of the Tokyo District Court ruled on March 26 that ▽ U authors infringe the “copy right” that the work is not reproduced without permission and the “public transmission right” that is not transmitted to the public without permission. I decided.

After that, we ordered the server management company to disclose the caller information.

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A lawyer representing Shogakukan said that it was epoch-making that the full copy of the lines of the spoiler site was clearly recognized as a copyright infringement.

From January to May last year, a total of 63 episodes of lines and pictures were posted on the spoiler site without permission.

Shogakukan’s Manga One editorial department said, “Sites that post all the contents of manga in detail are appearing one after another, which is a serious problem. To protect the rights of the author who created the work after great effort. , We will continue to take decisive action against all infringing acts. ”

The industry feels a sense of crisis about “spoiler sites”

The publishing industry is becoming more vulnerable to the emergence of sites called “spoiler sites” and “trend blogs” that publish the contents of serialized manga on the Internet without permission.It is believed that the contributor earns a large amount of advertising revenue by posting all the content as it is on the release date of the manga.

Three years ago, copyright infringement by the pirated site “Manga Village”, which released a large amount of manga without permission, became a social problem, and the operators were subsequently arrested and prosecuted.

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Recently, the number of sites that post characters such as lines as they are is increasing, not the manga itself.

In addition, a lawyer representing Shogakukan believes that the damage has been expanding due to the increase in browsing of pirated websites due to the increase in time spent at home due to the corona virus.

The publishing industry is taking legal measures against malicious sites that infringe copyright.

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