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Speelhuislaan is filled with 750 skippy balls for Breda children | NOW

The Speelhuislaan in Breda will be packed with 750 skippy balls on Saturday. By selling the so-called symbolic Easter eggs, the TopOpKids foundation raised money for children from Breda who need help.

“We usually do this at Christmas with about a hundred skippy balls, but now we wanted to go big at Easter. We hang 750 skippy balls in the trees of Speelhuislaan on Saturday afternoon over a length of 750 meters. That is a record”, says co-organizer Paul Bartels .

The symbolic Easter eggs have all been sold for € 35 each to entrepreneurs and people who support the actions of the foundation. The foundation wants to use the money to help children who could use a helping hand.

For example, the money is used to buy bicycles for children who attend secondary school, for Sinterklaas presents and birthday presents and a day out to an amusement park.

The TopOpKids foundation is a group of entrepreneurs who work for children. Previously, bicycles for children, laptops for the youth were purchased and an outing was once organized with 500 children to the Efteling.

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“The 750 skippy balls will hang around for a month. Then we will hand out a hundred to children. We empty the rest. They can be reused next year,” said Bartels.

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