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special travel certificates in regional languages


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C.Verove, M.Justet, C.Arnold, I.Delion, D.Fossard, M.David, D.Breysse, J.Cohen-Olivieri

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Associations for the promotion of regional languages ​​have decided to offer derogatory certificates of displacement in regional languages: Alsatian, Breton or Norman.
It is always in our pockets or in our phones: the derogatory certificate of displacement is a little piece of paper that has been giving rhythm to our lives for a year now. But some are surprising. Certificates of travel under curfew have been translated into regional languages. The most recent in France was born in Normandy, but there are also some in the Alsatian, Occitan or Breton language. In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), you can revise your basics or find the language of your youth.

Associations that promote regional languages ​​are at the origin of the project. One way to take advantage of health restrictions to awaken local languages. These certificates are, moreover, completely legal. Basque, Corsican or ch’ti certificates are still missing.

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