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Spain takes restrictive measures for Holy Week

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                Seeing that the number of cases of coronavirus continues to increase (an incidence of 132 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), the Spanish authorities have taken restrictive measures for Holy Week which begins this Friday March 26 and ends on April 9: ban on meeting more than six people together outdoors, four indoors.  And especially prohibition, in this period generally associated with great displacements, to go from one region to another.  In the capital, the measures divide the population.  Report.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Madrid, </em> <strong>Francois Musseau</strong>

Madrid offers a paradoxical situation. Here, the curfew is at 11 p.m. Bars, restaurants, cinemas and theaters are open. And yet, like the 16 other regions of Spain, that of Madrid is subject to the same travel constraints: for 15 days, except for reasons of force majeure, the Spaniards will not have the right to go from one region to another. other.

Daniela, flower seller, agrees with this measure. ” I find it good because I am the mother of seven children, and I would not want them to be infected, the situation is very bad, she says. It’s better if they stay at home. I know it’s painful not to go see the family, but I think it’s better to respect the ban. »

But not everyone thinks the same. Because the frustrations are great. Holy Week is par excellence the time when we travel, we go to the sea, we go to our hometown to attend religious processions.

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And then, many dispute the merits of this measure. This is the case with Marisa, a civil servant. “ If we were all responsible and we followed the standards we could just go out, she believes. But people gather at their homes, a place where the virus is spread. »

Marisa expresses another source of frustration: the fact that foreigners can freely come to Madrid, the Balearics or the Canaries, but the Spaniards have the obligation to stay at home.

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