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Spain does not go beyond the draw against Greece and deflates the November balloon


He begins his way to the World Cup by equaling Greece (1-1) with the same ones who thrashed Germany. Bryan Gil, only good news.

Koke laments to Greece.Miguel ngel MolinaEFE
Okay, World Cup qualification is at stake, and as much as this world, that of Qatar in 2022It is going to be played between November and December, and no matter how far, far away, all the Spanish fans want the national team to be in the World Cup. Okay, to get to that World Cup it is necessary to qualify, and to qualify it is necessary to fill in the forms that are 90% of the matches in this phase. Okay, there is a Eurocup two months ahead and it is interesting to see how the selector is outlining what could be something similar to an eleven type. Agree on everything. But agree also that a Spain-Greece like tonight, played in the middle of March, without an audience and with the victory taken for granted, it is hardly digestible. Ah! One last agreement: if that victory is not achieved, everything, the World Cup, the qualification and even the European Championship, looks much worse.

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Such a tie is an ugly thing. And difficult to explain. Very difficult, in fact, because there is a fact that should not go unnoticed. Luis Enrique repeated to nine footballers regarding that triumph in The Cartuja against the selection of Lw. And the two who did not repeat, Sergi Roberto and Pau Torres, are injured. Instead they entered Marcos Llorente and Eric Garca. The rest were the same. Unai Simn, which seems to have definitively removed De Gea’s position. Ramos and Gay in defense, and from there onwards, Rodri – already ahead of Busquets, or so it seems – Koke – who went from being almost two years without going to be a starter twice in a row-, Canales, Ferrn, Olmo and Morata. That is, the same ones who danced to the selection of Lw, the same ones that unfolded a vertiginous, vertical, extraordinary football. But there were two differences. One, it was November. And two, that the rival team was not the same.

Worse in March than November

It may seem paradoxical that the team is worse in March than in November, but that’s how it turned out. Players like Eric Garca or Ferrn Torres are not finding continuity, players like Koke or Marcos Llorente are beginning to notice fatigue, and neither Canales nor Dani Olmo are going through their best moment of the year. It may also seem paradoxical that Spain played a lot better against Germany than against Greece. But it is even logical. The Germans came out to play, open, relaxed, and the Greeks came out to destroy, with a fever higher than the Spanish, typical of those who know themselves inferior. As it was, they did the opposite. They generated a tremendous illusion in November and thwarted it, in part or in full, in March. This is so.

Just save yourself Morata. He did it with a superb goal, typical of a center forward of yesteryear, which in a way is Madrid. You pocket a beautiful Koke serve with your chest and without letting the cabbage fall into an unlikely hole. It was at half an hour, specifically one minute after Dani Olmo crashed a ball on the crossbar. That and a double shot by Koke at dawn of the game were the only interesting thing about a forgettable first set.

The recklessness of Iigo Martnez

And then the debate. Those nine identical footballers with respect to the November game could lead one to think: well, we already have the Euro team structure. But no, because that would be as much as saying that Luis Enrique is an orthodox coach, and no, it is not advisable to trust Luis Enrique for something like that, because when the debut in the great tournament arrives there may be seven or eight new respects. And more, seen what was seen on the field yesterday.

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Suddenly things started to happen after the break. First, Ramos stayed in the booth after a really disastrous first part. Later, a recklessness of his substitute, Iigo Martnez, it cost Spain the draw in the form of a penalty. And, later, seeing that the game was going to be a fronton (even more so) Luis Enrique put on the field Pedri and Bryan Gil. Two of the sensations of the League. Later, he put Oyarzabal and Thiago in, with which he changed to the two interiors and to the two extremes. Only Morata and Rodri survived from midfield forward.

Of all of them, it was Bryan Gil the best news. Overflowed, charged and generated the little danger that the team was able to generate, already imprisoned in the Greek networks, emboldened in that last section because a draw is great for them. Not so for Spain, unable to go from uy to occasions. A Spain that, in agreement, has margin to fix the setback, but, in agreement also, yesterday threw a good part of what was achieved against Germany to the ground.

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