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Somnologist told how to keep sleep during the white nights in St. Petersburg

Somnologist Sofia Cherkasova said that as soon as daylight hours in St. Petersburg begin to increase, people massively complain about sleep problems.

In an interview with Nevsky Novosti, she clarified that this is especially true for people who are acutely aware of the change in weather and seasons.

“If we take white nights into account, then, as soon as dawn begins before four in the morning, as a rule, people begin to massively complain that they have problems with sleeping, early awakening,” the expert said.

According to meteorological services, on May 27, dawn in St. Petersburg will come at 03:56. According to a specialist, in this case, the best measure of protection is to create artificial darkness in your bedroom. In this case, it is better not to resort to medication.

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“If violations do not reach the clinical diagnosis of insomnia, it is better not to take anything,” Sofia Cherkasova clarified.

Previously, the head of the Sleep Medicine Center of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Alexander Kalinkin, somnologist, candidate of medical sciences, in an interview with Inforeactor spoke about the effect of sleep on immunity.

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