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Some tips to avoid seasonal allergies

It is the return of the beautiful days when we take advantage of the sun and country walks. But spring is also synonymous with seasonal allergies. Over 25% of the French population suffers from it each year, a figure that has quadrupled over the past thirty years. The doctor of Europe 1, Jimmy Mohamed offers you some tips in his column Our Health, Tuesday, to alleviate the symptoms.

“Seasonal allergies are manifested by allergic rhinitis: attacks of sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose, itchy or red eyes with what is called conjunctivitis. It is a mild infection but for some, it causes a real handicap.Seasonal allergies will affect the quality of life in their severe forms, because some people have asthma attacks.Children can miss school and it can be a source of sick leave.

In allergies, there is a strong hereditary component: if, for example, both of your parents are allergic, you have a 70% risk of being so too. Whatever the age, the strongest providers of allergic rhinitis are dust mites, grass pollens and cats. For cats, it’s easy: just don’t have one and it’s done.

What are the solutions to limit these allergies?

When it comes to dust mites, all efforts should be focused on the bedroom. It is recommended to avoid carpets, rugs, lint, but also to vacuum regularly. Dust mites love two things: humidity and heat. For humidity, the room must be ventilated regularly very early in the morning or late at night and for heat, do not overheat it to more than 20 ° C maximum.

For pollens, it is better to avoid country walks, even if at the moment you want to. It is also advisable to take a shower in the evening to wash away the pollen accumulated all day before going to bed. Also, don’t forget to dry your hair well, as pollen attaches itself more when there is humidity. Finally, do not put the laundry outside since you will get pollen everywhere. “

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