Thursday, April 1, 2021
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Some ships set out to circumnavigate Africa as a giant container ship still blocks the canal – IS monitors Suez’s situation – Abroad

An attempt is made to dismantle a giant, transversely stuck container ship in a major operation.

MV Ever Given, one of the world’s largest container vessels, has blocked the Suez Canal, known as a freight hub, since last Tuesday morning. The ship drifted into the shallows in a sandstorm.

No one has been injured and the cargo has not been damaged, but a 400-meter vessel lying across the canal has stopped traffic and is causing an ever worse delay for world trade at any moment.

  • IS monitors Suez’s situation moment by moment. You can find the follow-up at the end of the article.

Two companies have been hired to design the spin-off company, the Dutch Smit Salvage and the Japanese Nippon Salvage. The former has experience in rescuing the passenger ship Costa Concordia and the Russian submarine Kursk.

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Attempts have been made to push and pull the platform and earthworks are underway around its stuck bow. Efforts are being made to lighten the cargo and it is hoped that the high tide starting on Saturday will detach the ship.

Estimates of the duration of the operation vary. According to the Egyptian authority managing the canal, the decommissioning could be successful as early as Saturday, but other estimates suggest it could stretch until next Wednesday and even after that, the canal may need repairs.

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