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Soldiers fire at funeral in Myanmar – images of generals celebrating on red carpet incite civilian rage – Abroad

More than 3,000 Myanmarians were reported to have fled across the border into Thailand under airstrikes in villages in the region.

Myanmar the outrage associated with Saturday’s events has continued to grow around the world. On Sunday, a dozen high-ranking representatives of the armed forces from around the world condemned the actions of the Myanmar military regime in a joint statement.

According to the AFP, the commanders called on the Myanmar army to end the violence and take steps to restore its credibility among the people. The declaration was signed by Britain, the United States and Australia, among others.

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The support protest in Taiwan was attended by about 1,000 people on Sunday, some of whom were locals and some of whom had fled their homeland, Myanmar.­

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Representatives of several states had already strongly condemned the actions of the Myanmar army the day before.

Saturday The military holiday in Myanmar became one of the bloodiest days for citizens since the military coup in early February. The day, which began with parades, ended with the opening of fire against protesters across the Mandalay region, the country’s second-largest city.

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On Sunday, the number of deaths had been specified at 114. According to human rights organizations, there were also at least six children among those killed.

Protesters were told to use the name “fallen stars” for children killed by security forces.

On the streets of Taunggyi on Saturday, a protester demanding democracy was left behind by a bloody helmet. There is no information on the fate of the helmet owner.­

People gathered around the country on Sunday to mourn and bury those who had lost their lives the day before. A student was celebrated near Yangon Thae Maung Maungin, 20, a memorial service when security forces opened fire on those present, according to Reuters.

– While we were singing a revolutionary song to him, security forces appeared on the scene and shot us. People, including us, ran away as they opened fire, with their first name Aye the funeral guest who appeared told Reuters.

For now it is not known whether new deaths occurred in the incident. Three people have been reported dead in other shooting incidents on Sunday.

In addition, some 3,000 villagers living in northeastern Karen State fled across the border to Thailand on Sunday. They were driven by air strikes by villages in the villages of military fighters.

The men who took part in the funeral procession of protester Kyaw Win Maung made a three-finger greeting that has risen as a symbol of democracy activists in Myanmar as well as neighboring Thailand.­

The attacks targeted the Mutraw region, which is controlled by a KNU group affiliated with the Karen minority. The KNU has vowed to fight to overthrow the military coup in early February.

According to the Karen Women’s Association, attacks were also carried out on a refugee camp near the border.

– Currently, the villagers are hiding in the jungle and more than 3,000 have crossed the Thai border to get to safety, the organization said in a statement.

Protesters shot soldiers in raids in Yangon on Sunday.­

Founder of the Free Burma Rangers David Eubank told Reuters that the Myanmar army had not made air strikes in the area for 20 years before Saturday.

– These happened at night, so the capabilities of the Burmese army have grown with the help of Russia, China and other countries. This is deadly, Eubank said.

The military junta leading general Min Aung Hlaing declared at the celebration parade that the military “protects citizens and strives for democracy”.

The rage of Myanmarians has been further heightened by the news of the luxury party held for the Armed Forces on Saturday. On the day of the army, the country commemorates the resistance of its own army against the Japanese occupiers in 1945.

BBC:n according to social media, images of Min Aung Hlaing and other high-ranking military officials in their white uniforms began to spread quickly on the state TV channel. In the pictures, the men walked with a smile on the red carpet, squatted the bowls and sat down at the sizzling dinner tables.

On social media, many democracy activists published pictures taken at the party alongside images of people killed in Saturday’s protests.

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